Putin purposefully supports extremists

Moscow universally finances extremists to undermine the West

Russia, through a sponsor close to Putin, is financing extremist organizations throughout Europe to destabilize it. This is the conclusion reached by ZDF reporters. The basis of the German story was the work of the InformNapalm investigation team.

Kremlin funds are used to warm up internal conflicts in the countries of Southeast Europe. Among those who feed from Moscow’s hands are Czech right-wing extremists, Slovak left and right radicals, as well as the Hungarian right-wing extremist organization “For Better Hungary”. All of them advocate anti-NATO and pro-Russian positions.

An investigation of the Frontal21 program of the German ZDF television channel showed that “Russia, through cash injections, provides support to extremist organizations to destabilize Europe, and the sponsor is directly related to President Vladimir Putin,” Philip Pyatov, correspondent of the German tabloid Bild, reports.

With Russian money, “conflicts in Southeastern Europe” are heated up, journalists say, for example, the Hungarian right-wing extremist organization “For Better Hungary” receives thousands of euros. Czech right-wing extremists are also paid money to organize pro-Russian demonstrations. In Slovakia, one left-wing and one right-wing extremist movement enjoy similar support, which come out from anti-NATO positions and demand the country’s exit from the alliance.

Money is given by “Belarusian businessman Alexander Usovsky”. In an interview with Frontal21, Usovsky openly admitted this: “Political orientation is not important to me. In Poland, I work with the right, in Slovakia and the Czech Republic with the left, and in Hungary with the right.” Usovsky is the author of several books, including “How Churchill Unleashed the Second World War” and “God Save Stalin”.

The electronic correspondence that has leaked into free access shows that one Russian oligarch who is related to the Kremlin is also involved in such sponsorship: he is Konstantin Malofeev, an influential and radical supporter of Putin.

Malofeev, as they say below, is well known abroad: the Ukrainian authorities are conducting an investigation against him in connection with the financing of illegal armed groups. On July 30, 2014, the European Union froze Malofeev’s accounts and forbade him from entering the EU. The newspaper Die Welt reported on the meeting of Malofeev with the Russian president in June 2014. Malofeev is considered a big fan of the German party “Alternative for Germany” and especially the main candidate of the party, Alexander Gauland: according to him, with Gauland, “Germany will become Germany again.”

Malofeev repeatedly spoke about the “revival of Russia” and called Putin God the given leader, while the EU in his eyes is a godless organization.

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