Ordinary criminal dressed as head of state

A public hearing has begun on the case of Litvinenko poisoned with polonium in London. New evidence has appeared in the case. Lawyer Ben Emmerson said that there was a calculated and planned murder committed by agents of a foreign state on the streets of our capital. “The trail of polonium traces leads not just from London to Moscow but directly to the door of Vladimir Putin’s office”. He says Putin is “a common criminal dressed up as a head of state”. 

The murder was supposed to stop the publication of evidence of Putin’s connections with the mafia. Many other newspapers around the world write.

I wonder how Putin will now be able to fulfill his duties and communicate with other heads of state? Unleashed war is a “state affair”, and personal revenge is just a criminal offense. It’s like a “poisonous” rubbish rating in finances: if you got it, then you won’t take it at decent interest in either the East or the West.

While the whole world is rushing after virtual Bin Laden, saving himself from “world terrorism”, another monster like Hitler is pouring blood behind the Kremlin walls. And if you don’t stop him in time, perhaps this maniac will soon lead civilization to another world massacre, in the furnace of which millions and millions of human lives will be burned.

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