Europe worried about Internet security issues

On the eve of European Internet Security Day, Spanish police arrested 76 people suspected of cyber fraud. The total amount that the attackers managed to earn is estimated at three million euros. At the hands of criminals of this kind – gaps in criminal laws and a low level of cooperation between European countries.

“EU governments can work together more efficiently,” says Alexander Seger, head of the Economic Crime Unit at the Council of Europe. The goal is to make the Internet more secure.

Security and protection of the Internet space is one of the main topics of the round table in Brussels. How big is the risk of serious Internet disruptions? A number of experts do not rule out catastrophic scenarios.

Peter Sommer recalls the end of the eighties, when the Internet was developed much weaker. In 1988, student Robert Morris, the first creator of the virus to be prosecuted, launched a program that stopped the work of more than six thousand computers. “I don’t think,” says Sommer, “that we should rule out such things, only now all this can happen on a larger scale.”

According to studies in European countries, more than 12% of citizens avoid online shopping because they do not believe in their safety. Most online shoppers in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.

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