Expected terrorist attack in Germany

Today, what has been waiting for us for a long time and what was to happen inevitably happened. As a matter of fact, it all started exactly two weeks ago, when the NATO summit was held in Warsaw, which it defined as the main threat to security in Europe, Russia’s aggressive policy. Following the meeting of the heads of state, decisions were made to ensure an effective rebuff to the irresponsible policy of the Russian Federation.

It is important to note here that NATO regulation provides for the exclusive approval of all key decisions of the Alliance. This means that the heads of all states agreed with the definition of the main threat, as well as with measures aimed at eliminating it. In particular, this was agreed upon by Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

However, it has long been known that Germany was Russia’s main partner in Europe and in many cases, it became a real Trojan horse, with which Russia encapsulated its interests in Europe. It was through this channel that a wave of corruption went there, after which Russian mafia structures, spies and other rubbish moved to Germany. They cleared a clearing for such monsters, such as Gazprom, as a result, the Russian special services turned out to be owners of herds of German politicians, journalists, businessmen and even statesmen of different calibers. As a result, many leading German enterprises also became the property of Russian owners. From there, already under the cover of the German flag, the Russians quietly crawled across France, Italy and other countries. That is, Moscow made a bridgehead and a feeding trough from Germany at the same time.

In any situation, the German government tried to be as careful as possible about Russian interests. What we now have in the East of Ukraine is largely the merit of Germany. If she had a tougher stance, everything would have looked completely different. We still do not understand why the Kadyrov bridge is in St. Petersburg, but the Steinmeier bridge is not. So, voluntarily or involuntarily, Germany’s inconsistent position encouraged Putin to aggression, and in the end he, together with Russia, which got off its hinges, became a problem for everyone.

What is typical, when Putin realized that with the help of the magic pendal from Washington, Europe did start to wake up and join the sanctions, it was necessary to launch option “B”, it was to urge Europe to jointly solve some very urgent problem. Since Russia cannot help in any way either in the field of new energy sources, or in biotechnologies, or in computer and other industries and science, it was necessary to draw public attention to problems in which Russia feels confident. There are not many of them at all, and most of them are not of interest to the rest.

For example, the Europeans did not join the pursuit race for Roma Abramovich along the length of the yachts and aircraft. It is also difficult to lure Europeans into the competition for the biggest one-time bribe or a breakthrough from the budget and other noble deeds, where the Russians have an unconditional championship. But Putin, from the very first day of his presidency, has positioned himself as a fighter against terrorism. Even in an old throne speech, he promised to wet the terrorists in the outhouse.

At the same time, Vladimvladimich developed an original way of such a struggle. The most important thing is to create terrorism correctly, and then you can successfully fight it. The first pen tests with house bombings and with Chechnya were not very convincing, but over time, experience came and the Russians already fiercely believed that the national leader was still fighting terror. For example, in Beslan, Putin so fought terror that the corpses of children were carried out of school all night. But people like it, they say – a decisive national leader, albeit small, and bald, but very decisive. True, 10 years later, the European Court found out that it was not the terrorists who killed the children, but the soldiers of the Russian special forces, but the road was a spoon for dinner. The image is already entrenched.

So in Europe, Putin proposed to fight terrorism together, and in order for Europeans to understand what it was necessary to fight with, a demonstration was organized by militants long bought up by the Kremlin. France, Belgium and Turkey were bloodshot, and after every terrorist attack, and sometimes even just before it began, there were calls from Moscow to fight terrorists. To the Turks, Putin personally promised that they would not get off with tomatoes. What happened next is all up to date. Today, even for Rio with its Olympics, a Russian warning about possible terrorist attacks has gone. In short, the Kremlin decided to trade in what it always had in abundance and what it could easily arrange – terror. Moreover, he may arrange it, or may not arrange it. In more peaceful times, it looked different; Putin could have turned the gas valve on, but might not have turned it. The principle is the same. First, the problem is created, and then it is proposed to solve it with the same hands with which it was created.

And against the backdrop of all these terrorist attacks, Germany was somehow aloof, because in spite of everything, she continued to look back at Putin. Even when Merkel, after personal communication with Putin, announced that he lives in parallel reality, she still took into account the interests of a crazy grandfather. Putin needed to have a picture that could be presented for comparison. For a long time, such a picture was Germany.

Returning to the NATO summit in Poland, we note that Germany fully supported all the tough decisions of the Alliance, including recommendations for the EU to limit Russia’s influence on the energy sector of the European Union. Immediately after that, there was a hunch that Germany had dropped out of that island of exceptions that Putin made for European countries. But on July 13, Germany adopted its White Paper, which outlines the principles of defense and security. Here, Germany itself, single-handedly, pointed out the threat to be combated in the near future, its name is Russia. From that moment it became obvious that the beginning of a series of terrorist attacks in Germany was a matter of very near time. Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova expressed regret and disappointment with the basic doctrine of the White Book, which could be regarded as an official warning about the start of the Russian terrorist attack.

And today, through all German channels, there are direct reports of shooting in one of Munich’s shopping centers. Already there is evidence of the dead and wounded. Ten days have not passed since the publication of the White Paper. So far this is an easy hint. Now Germany is waiting for more meaningful events. Grandfather Vova had already overtaken an entire army of Assad agents there and within a few months they were quite comfortable on the spot. So the gentlemen of the Germans should look at the chronicle of the terrorist attacks in France and Turkey, in order to understand what friend Vladimir prepared for them as a hotel.

We believe that the real attacks will happen very soon and then Herr Steinmeier should be advised to conduct negotiations with the terrorists and organize elections for them. What? To walk, so – to walk! Let him set an example of what he advises us.

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