Teenage crime worries authorities

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In Germany the theme of youth crime becomes central to the upcoming land elections in Hesse in late January. The reason was the beating in the metro of Munich 76-year-old German pensioner young Greek and Turkish. Then similar cases were repeated in Hamburg and Berlin.

In connection with the growing problem, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke in favor of harsher sentences for boys and girls who committed illegal acts.

The list of innovations, proposed by the Prime Minister of Hesse, Ronald Koch and other representatives of the CDU, has seven points. Among them are the creation of educational special camps for young criminals, as well as the possibility of arrest and an accelerated procedure for the expulsion of minor foreigners from the country.

Koch: “The state makes itself a laughing stock, being content only with the fact that it shrugs, because it is not able to draw a tough line,” Koch said, “so you understand why criminal careers are being made so swiftly and the process is getting out of control”

Koch himself is criticized for raising the topic of youth crime for populist purposes in connection with the land elections in Hesse. Says Koch’s opponent: “We can discuss the rude behavior of youth and juvenile delinquency, but we must also talk about Koch’s tactics. He found himself in a predicament. Having no election subjects, he focused on crime.”

Meanwhile, the first educational camp for teenagers will open in a few weeks in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The educational effect here will be achieved due to a strict schedule, sports and workloads, as well as psychological training.

In the meantime, many Germans, out of fear of violence, hesitate to go down the subway in the evening. According to statistics, about half of juvenile delinquents come from immigrant families.

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