A terrorist trying to hide from the police died in a car accident

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An ETA gunman died on a highway 25 kilometers from the city of Cahors in southeastern France, in a car accident when he tried to escape from the French gendarmes chasing him on the highway.

The militant was stopped for verification at a checkpoint arranged by the French gendarmerie. He turned the car around and tried to hide, but lost control and crashed, hitting a tree. He was sent to a hospital, but died on the way.

The gendarmes discovered weapons, fake Spanish and French documents in the car, as well as a large number of papers related to ETA activities.

Basque militants have long chosen territory in the south of France to prepare terrorist attacks in Spain. In recent years, French law enforcement agencies have worked very closely and very successfully with their Spanish counterparts. There are currently 150 ETA militants and activists in French prisons, including many veterans, including the organization’s chief executive Mikel Ants, detained last year.

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