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On Monday, the official visit of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to France begins. This will be Gaddafi’s first trip to Paris since 1973, when he was received by then-president Georges Pompidou. It is planned that Gaddafi will meet twice with Sarkozy, as well as visit the National Assembly. The theme of the negotiations will be the fight against terrorism. France also hopes to negotiate new contracts with Libya in the field of energy, as well as in agriculture and health. On the eve of Gaddafi, he attended the second EU-Africa Summit in Lisbon.

EURONEWS: Welcome to EuroNews. What is your assessment of the summit in which you attended? Are there concrete results in political terms?

Gaddafi: I do not expect any concrete results from such forums. In my opinion, they are important primarily in terms of psychology. Discussions allow melt the ice in our relationship. By the term “ice” I mean the years of colonialism. Thanks to such forums, we are able to get to know each other better. Such meetings are necessary and should be held regularly.

EURONEWS: What do you think of the position of the European states, have they retained colonialist ambitions in relation to Africa?

Gaddafi: First of all, I want to emphasize that colonialism, as a historical process, has led itself to a standstill. And I do not think that there is anyone left who would like to return to the past. On the contrary, we all want to turn this page of history. Today we are connected by friendly relations, cooperation relations, joint investments.

EURONEWS: Do you think the assistance provided by Europe to Europe is sufficient or should Europeans do something more, in your opinion?

Gaddafi: Yes, indeed, assistance is not provided enough. But we do not intend to live on benefits and subsidies from Europe. Responsibility for a normal life lies with the Africans themselves. That, in fact, is why they created their Union and its institutions. At present, the situation is as follows: when Europe, or no matter what other strength, wants to help the Africans, then it is not an interlocutor with whom it would be possible to truly cooperate and monitor the progress of this cooperation. Even at African summits with other countries, there is a lack of such a partner, such an interlocutor. It is necessary that the African representation be limited – the president of the African Union, the head of the commission and a limited number of heads of state, and not five dozen presidents participating in the negotiation process with one structure – the EU itself. Such forums are turning into useless festivals.

EURONEWS: Your opinion on the crisis in Darfur. What is the way out of this situation?

Gaddafi: My position on this issue is clear and precise. And I have repeatedly voiced it during many conferences held in Libya. If we do not intervene, the problem will disappear on its own. And if we pay her excessive attention, we will only add oil to the fire.

EURONEWS: Still need to intervene?

Gaddafi: No, not worth it. I think that interference will only aggravate the situation.

EURONEWS: Your assessment of the West’s fight against terrorism – in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Gaddafi: Terrorism is a very dangerous phenomenon. The fight against this evil is fraught with an increase in danger, an even greater exacerbation of the situation. In the fight against terrorism, the same terrorist methods are used and criminals continue to fight on a legal basis. Not only terrorists seek to dictate their will. The West is doing the same. And this allows these groups to dictate their laws. In order to destroy such a phenomenon as terrorism, it is necessary to find the sources of evil, study the causes of terrorism and protect yourself with all possible security measures.

EURONEWS: Thank you very much!

Gaddafi: Not at all.

euronews, 09.12.07

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