Showers hit Europe

The storm, due to which the Italian cities were under water, reached the south of France. Showers went all last night. They were accompanied by a strong wind.

As a result, several settlements were flooded at once in the Rhone Valley – they could not stand the dam. Residents of these cities will have to forget about road transport for a few days – until the water recedes, driving will be very difficult, and not safe. Wine cellars were also flooded, and this could be a serious blow to the region’s economy.

In Italy, Venice went under water. Due to a storm at sea and heavy rains, the water level in the Venetian lagoon – and, accordingly, in all canals of the city – rose by more than a meter. Flooded the main streets and squares that tourists love so much, among them the famous San Marco.

Bridges over canals also went under water – walking around the city became even more difficult, but the gondoliers were happy – incomes increased. Tourists are also not very complaining so far: such a trip to Venice will be memorable anyway.

Heavy rains with thunderstorms, hail and gusty winds that rained down on the Netherlands in August led to a traffic collapse in the country and seriously damaged a number of buildings. In particular, due to heavy rain and wind, the roof of a warehouse in the city of Skhidam collapsed. In the vicinity of Rotterdam, one of the tunnels was flooded by rain, the car traffic on which had to be completely stopped.

In some areas of the country within five minutes, about 200 lightning strikes were recorded. In some sections of the railway, bad weather led to the stoppage of train traffic.

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