Relatives of Boeing Air crash victims prepare class action lawsuit against Putin

A British law firm is preparing a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit against Putin and his entourage. The trial is scheduled to be held in the United States.

Relatives of the victims of the crash in eastern Ukraine are preparing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A class action lawsuit is made by the British law firm McCue & Partners, the press service of which disseminated this information. Among the defendants, in addition to Putin, can also include high-ranking Russian military and officials. Representatives of the law firm are going to file this lawsuit in an American court. The British publication estimates the lawsuit against the Russian president at hundreds of millions of pounds, and a guilty plea in court may lead to additional sanctions against the leadership of the Russian Federation.

The investigation of this case may take years, since the territory where the tragedy occurred is still under the control of the separatists, and the case itself should emphasize the role of Russia in fueling the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

German media: Putin’s deadly games with Ukraine must be stopped

German newspapers comment on the resignation of Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. On the one hand, this gave Ukraine a new chance to overcome difficulties. On the other hand, it destabilizes the already difficult situation in the country, journalists say.

Boeing was shot down by militia DNR. This was reported by LifeNews channel according to operational data, calling the killing of 298 passengers “another victory of the militias”.

This is not a fake, the record was removed from the site that recorded all the air of the day, and was found in the footsteps of this video dated July 17, 2014 with more than a million views.

A few days later, the daily recordings of life news and other channels were deleted on several offline TV sites, until July 20.

Aeroflot’s advertisement was submitted before the release; there was another advertisement there, but this one was inserted close to the plot.

The fate of “Boeing” in tweets from the “DNR”

An analysis of the records in social networks made by the residents of Donbass allows us to understand what happened to MH17. On the anniversary of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in eastern Ukraine, Arik Toler, an American analyst, a member of the Bellingcat project, published an analysis of social media posts made mainly by users living in the area of ​​the tragedy on the day it happened – July 17, 2014 .

Although each of the above messages cannot be regarded as final evidence, together they give an overall picture that is in complete agreement with the widespread version of the events of July 17. On the morning of that day, the Buk air defense system was located in Donetsk, then it was transported eastward, through Shakhtersk and Torez (through this city he proceeded at about 12:10) and in the afternoon ended up south of Snezhny. It was from this area that a rocket was launched just before the Boeing’s crash, which was seen and heard by local residents who sympathize with the separatists.

During the year, analysts studied the events of July 17 many times – including investigating the progress of various investigations into the disaster, not excluding the explicit falsification of evidence. Although most of this analytical work was qualitative and useful, in fact, in order to understand the true cause of the tragedy of MH17, one does not have to go far. It is enough to read the testimonies of the inhabitants of Donbass that they left on July 17, 2014.

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