Russia leads in the number of complaints to the European Court of Human Rights

This was announced by the judge of the Strasbourg court from Russia Anatoly Kovler. For 10 years, the Strasbourg court issued 450 decisions on complaints against the Russian authorities. At the same time, three quarters of court verdicts fall on the last three years.

European court upholds Perm prisoners’ lawsuit

The European Court of Human Rights upheld the lawsuit of prisoners of one of the Perm colonies against the Russian authorities.
The court found that in 2001 seven prisoners were brutally beaten during a special operation lasting several days. According to the court, the Russian government should pay them compensation of 70000 euros.
In Russia, the prosecutor’s office closed the investigation into this case, citing the fact that the special forces were masked and therefore difficult to identify.
The European Court currently has over 20000 complaints from Russia, which is about a quarter of all claims pending by this court.

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