Miss France 2008 will have to give up the title

Miss France 2008 Valérie Bègue will have to give up the title because her candid photos were published in Entrevue magazine. This was announced today by the president of the Miss France committee, Genevieve de Fontenay.

De Fontenay said in an interview with the French radio station Europe 1 about the “immediate resignation” of Valerie Beg, which the TF1 TV audience and a special jury consisting of “stars” previously selected from the contenders. The reason for this decision was the photos published today in the magazine Entrevue. The pictures were taken a few months ago – then the girl still held the Miss Reunion 2007 title. In these pictures, Valerie Beg looked defiant: for example, she licked yogurt in one photograph and lay in the pool in the pose of Christ crucified on the cross on the other.

“This is absolutely unacceptable. She must immediately abandon the title of Miss France, otherwise we will force her to do this,” the committee president said. “Running spoils the image of Miss France. I always fought for the election of Miss France to be worthy of France,” said de Fontenay, adding that she was “mortally upset” by what happened. “I can’t see her anymore. I don’t accept this. It’s a tsunami! I’m terribly disappointed,” she said.

The president of the Miss France committee is confident that such a development of events will cause “the suffering of viewers.” According to Madame de Fontenay, the inhabitants of the island of Reunion, which previously represented Bègue, did not deserve this, like all the French. According to the charter of the Miss France committee, one of the vice-misses will take the place of Run, ahead of the vote of 19-year-old representative of New Caledonia, Vaineria Rekiyar and 20-year-old representative of the French department, Loire Laura Tanguy.

Miss France 2004 Lætitia Bléger was suspended for six months from her “post” for photographs in Playboy and Entrevue magazines. But those photographs were more modest than those of Beg, which appeared today in the French press.

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