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Russian oligarchs laid the most expensive yacht in the world

The most expensive yacht in the world worth about 270 million dollars was laid the other day at a shipyard in Genoa. The customer of the miracle ship was, of course, the Russian billionaire, but this is definitely not the main “naval commander” Roman Abramovich.

“Hull 6154” is the most expensive private yacht, costing about $ 270 million and a length of 133.5 m. The yacht has 15 cabins with the most modernized and powerful technical “stuffing”, two helicopter platforms, a separate compartment for a submarine, and a swimming pool.

The 133-meter ship will be built for 3 years and is equipped with the latest technology: a swimming pool, a compartment for a submarine, two helipads. Seven decks will accommodate 15 comfortable cabins, a gym. Bathrooms and whirlpools are finished with gold and marble. The creators also did not forget about motor boats and jet skis. Only the name of the ship has not yet been given – now it is only the working designation Hull-6154.

Abramovich’s fleet will also soon be replenished – The Eclipse, equipped with similar attributes, has been under construction in Hamburg for several months. However, it cost the future owner cheaper – “only” $ 200 million.

But the governor of Chukotka is not only investing in sea vessels: having bought a pretty piece of Britain (estate, apartments, mansions), he was going to get real estate in Turkey. According to rumors, Abramovich was interested in the “Lion’s Palace” – a mansion worth $ 150 million owned by the ruined Turkish businessman Halis Toprak.

Not even a week had passed before the World Russian People’s Council ended, where billionaires discussed how to overcome poverty in the country. Here, it seems, are the first results: they are fighting quite successfully with the “poverty” of themselves.

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