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What can be said about the modern style of youth? Recently, among young boys and girls, casual has become popular. Casual is the favorite style of aristocratic youth in England and Scandinavia, representatives of bohemia, “golden youth”. The main idea is to achieve the effect of casual chic and discreet cosiness in a combination of things from the latest collections of fashion designers and vintage. Tell me sloppiness? Not at all! New street fashion style? Of course!

As part of the casual style, you can dress accordingly to any visit and time of day, and you will always look appropriate.

Self-expression through casual clothing is better than you can imagine. There is no far-fetched and repulsive mega shocking in this style. You are fashionable and at the same time you are everyday.

Jeans and pullovers, trousers and shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts, fancy skirts and dresses – everything that used to be typical for a casual style – is the basis of casual style. Initially, it was clothing for country walks. Now she has turned into casual urban clothing. This style implies democracy. What is most important is freedom and relaxedness.

A business jacket can be combined with jeans and pullovers, and strict trousers with color shirts. Sweaters and comfortable clothing for picnics went into a casual business wardrobe. For example, a traditional two-piece suit is complemented by a woolen or cotton knitted sweater that replaces a shirt.

Modern youth chooses casual not only because it is fashionable, convenient and practical. This is a unique lifestyle under the slogan “Everyday life in all its diversity.” A clear framework for how to look when dressing in casual style does not exist. Each young man is individual, each has his own lifestyle, which means that clothes in this style are formed not from the numerous requirements of fashion, but from their own worldviews.

Thus, the most important in casual style is individuality. Casual is a mod without rules that you can follow without even having to spend a lot of money.

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