Belarus registered green men in law

Lukashenko about the “Russian world”

Well Old Man smeared Putin so smeared

Lukashenko said no “Russian world” will take place in Belarus

Old Man reminded Putin that in Belarus there are hundreds of thousands such as Old Armed Patriots who will protect Belarus from the so-called Russian world.

The sad example of Ukraine, which temporarily lost the Crimean peninsula as a result of Russian armed aggression with the use of unmarked military personnel of the Russian Federation, inspired Belarusian lawmakers to make significant changes to the Law on Martial Law. It can be introduced in Belarus without an official declaration of war by any country. The text of the new law, already adopted by the deputies of the House of Representatives, the Council of the Republic and signed by President Alexander Lukashenko, is published on the National Legal Internet Portal. The law comes into force on February 1, 2015.

“Green men” (that is what the inhabitants of the occupied Ukrainian Crimea called the Russian military without identification marks) are now officially considered in Belarus as one of the types of attacks that threaten the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state. In addition to the open annexation of Belarusian territory, missile-bombing and air strikes from another country or the use of other weapons against Belarus, the updated law also spells out “sending by another state armed gangs (groups), irregular forces or units of regular troops”.

The law also describes very clearly the events that will now officially be considered a military threat, sufficient to impose martial law in Belarus. In particular, such a threat includes the concentration of the armed forces of another state near the border of Belarus, if it clearly indicates aggressive intentions, or mobilization in another state to attack Belarus.

Changes in public and political life in the event of martial law are stipulated in the law no less carefully. In particular, with the introduction of martial law, it will be impossible to dissolve either of the two chambers of the Belarusian parliament, even if their term expires. The same applies to the president’s mandate: new elections during the period of martial law are impossible, and the powers of the incumbent head of state are extended until it is canceled. Citizens of the country at this time are prohibited from collecting and disseminating any information relating to the Armed Forces and territorial defense bodies, participating in rallies, pickets and demonstrations, as well as acquiring hunting weapons and ammunition.

In addition, ordinary Belarusians have a number of responsibilities: in particular, all citizens of the country who have reached 16 years of age can be involved in free work in the interests of defense, eliminating the consequences of using weapons, restoring destroyed objects, etc. Only men over 60 and women over 55 will not be able to make work. Citizens are also obligated to provide their living and non-residential premises for defense needs and accommodation of immigrants (monetary compensation is provided for this).

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