New Year in Europe: what, where, how much?

We present you another option for celebrating the New Year abroad, this time in Europe. If you want to catch there on Christmas, now is the time to think about visas.

Lapland: in the homeland of Santa Claus
If you want to visit the homeland of Santa, then you have a direct road to Lapland. In addition to a visit to the house of European Santa Claus, in the very north of Finland there is something to do. The most important local resort calls Levy. It is the center of skiing in the country. However, if you are not a fan of skiing, you can go to a local water park, order a tour of the snow virgin snow on ATVs, ride deer or, visiting a husky breeding farm, ride a dog sled.
There are other exotic features there. At this time of the year, polar night sets in Lapland, and the northern lights can be observed in the sky.
If you are going to visit Santa Claus, remember, this is an expensive pleasure. Usually such an excursion with a visit to the residence costs more than 50 euros. In general, Finland itself is one of the most expensive countries in the European Union. Therefore, take money with a margin.
Cost: 7 days – from 800 euros (without food).

London: salute over the Thames

Probably one of the brightest cities in Europe is the capital of the British Kingdom. Red telephone booths and double-decker buses, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, the Royal Palace, Hyde Park, the Tower, the bridge of the same name and the city hall – all this is worth seeing at least once in your life. Listing all the sights does not make sense – you can lay a minimum of a week to explore the city.
Well, to compensate for part of the money spent on the trip, you can at the expense of sales in stores on Oxford Street.
On New Year’s Eve, a salute is given over the Thames, which lasts more than half an hour. It is considered to be especially chic to reserve a cabin for this time on the London Eye ferris wheel, which is 135 meters high. True, half an hour of pleasure will have to pay 500 pounds.
Cost: bus tour – from 600 euros, air – from 950 euros.

Barcelona: the homeland of flamenco

Do not want to go to Egypt, but want warmth – then you are in the capital of Catalonia. And although the weather there will be autumn for us, the hot temperament of the locals will help you warm up.
Perhaps the traditions of celebrating the New Year in Spain are not as strong as in other countries, but at least a festive firework is provided for you. If you are not constrained in finances, you can meet on January 1 in one of the nightclubs, where flamenco masters will perform in front of you. For example, a table in one of the most famous institutions called “Flamenco Palace” on New Year’s Eve will cost 240 euros per person.
You can save if you celebrate the New Year in one of the squares with a bunch of grapes, making a wish. According to the old Spanish tradition, it is worth eating one grape in order to make a wish come true. Well, after the celebration, go on a city tour.
Cost: bus tour – from 500 euros for 9 days, air – from 700 euros for 5 days.

Paris: with kids at Disneyland

Parents – the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, and children – entertainment. So you can paint the program in a few words in the most romantic city on earth.
Traditionally, there are several options for spending New Year’s Eve in Paris. For romantics, the option of a cruise along the Seine is suitable. You can cheaply and angrily bump into a crowd of Frenchmen on the Champs Elysees, where everyone will watch the festive fireworks. And finally, foodies will be able to book tables in the restaurant.
And having slept after the holidays, go with the children to Disneyland. Feel free to devote the whole day to this event, or even two: it is unlikely that you can get around all the attractions in a day. Entrance fees are 36 euros for children and 42 euros for adults.
Cost: bus tour – from 250 euros for 7 days, air – from 900 euros for 7 days.

Amsterdam: walk along the canals
This city is known to our tourists for legalized soft drugs, the red light district. Emancipated Dutch people know how to have fun. Tourists call the New Year celebration almost one of the most fun in Europe.
The traditional salute over Amsterdam lasts about half an hour – with the help of powerful cannonade, local residents drive away evil spirits. When, in their opinion, there is enough noise, everyone moves to bars and nightclubs.
If you are lucky with the weather, you can book a night boat ride through the many canals. The rental price is about 200 euros per hour.
Cost: bus tour – from 250 euros for 7 days, air – from 800 euros for 7 days.

Prague: for lovers of food
The Czech capital is considered one of the most inexpensive cities in Europe, so on New Year’s Eve young people from all over the European Union come there. Well, where else can you rent a room in a hostel for a festive week for 30 euros per day, and a huge portion of food in a bar will cost 7 euros? About excellent and cheap beer, which has become a business card of this country, even writing is inconvenient. Truly, the Czech Republic gives a feast of belly to all lovers of satisfying and inexpensive food.
You can celebrate the chiming clock on the famous Old Town Square, and devote all other days to city tours. When you get tired of going from bar to bar, you can go on a tour of the castles located in the vicinity of the city.
Cost: bus tour – from 185 euros for 5 days, air – 600 euros for 5 days.

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