Choking heat stands in Europe

A wave of summer heat swept across Western Europe. Columns of thermometers on Wednesday again rose far beyond 30 degrees. Here they fear a repeat of the 2003 tragedy, when the heat claimed the lives of about 30 thousand people.

In Germany on Wednesday, the level of air pollution by harmful emissions has reached record levels since the beginning of the year. And too high a temperature caused the death of 2 people.

In France, 9 people have died in the last few days. Elderly people are the first to suffer. However, anyone can be at risk of overheating. In Macon, located near Lyon, on Wednesday a worker died.

“Very often,” this doctor says, “a combination of two factors: physical effort and heat, can be fatal.”

Choking from the heat and the inhabitants of the UK. On Wednesday in London, the temperature record of 1911 was broken. Thermometers showed more than 36 degrees. The country’s authorities recommend avoiding the metro, where there is no air conditioning, and use land transport.

Italy is also hot – more than 30 degrees across the country. Fire stations opened their doors to old people who want to hide from the heat.

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