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Today we will find out who will become Miss Europe 2006. It is curious how the “Miss” looked like bygone years. We spotted their archival photos. And at the same time they tried to find out why sometimes it happened that the victory of the most worthy pretenders was bypassed.

Invented the competition “Miss Europe” Frenchman Roger Zeler. The first “Miss” of the Old World was chosen in 1948. The competition was held in Paris; the French woman Mlle Jacqueline Donny won (who would doubt it!). Then the “Miss” began to choose annually – it was too exciting and profitable lesson. True, for various reasons, the competition was not held in 1975, 1977, 1979, 1983, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1998, 2000, 2004.

The contest coincided with the funeral of Princess Diana

The first competition “Miss Europe” was held in Kiev in 1997. The scandal flared up at the preparation stage. One metropolitan newspaper published a resonant article: the organizers allegedly forcibly took the girls to a casino in Kiev. Like, with the “Miss” local bandits wanted to dance.

Further worse. While rehearsals were going on, Princess Diana died. And it so happened that the date of the competition coincided with the day of her funeral. Therefore, all the royal houses (Great Britain, Denmark, Spain and others) recalled their participants.

Nevertheless, the final took place. “Miss Europe 1997” became Greek.

Cellulite used to be in vogue

Over the past sixty years, the standard of female beauty has been constantly changing.

Early 60s: Hello, cellulite!

In fact, until the sixties, humanity did not yet know what cellulite was. Therefore, the beauties did not bother at all whether they had an “orange peel” or not. By the way, she was.

The ideal figure of the 50s-60s is usually called an hourglass. That is, it is a full chest, sloping shoulders, a thin waist and fairly wide hips.

Beginning of the 80s: Chubby Missky’s not good

In the mid-70s, the “model” boom began, and in the mid-80s it reached its peak. The contestants lost weight dramatically. They have become taller, youthful and hopelessly flat. Nordic facial features came into fashion – sharply defined cheekbones and a pointed chin.

Early 90s: A strong woman is sexy

Painfully thin girls went out of fashion. Women began to fight for leadership. As a result, girlish beauty became “courageous.” Wide shoulders are in price (remember shoulder pads fashion?). Beauties are still flat. Haircuts are popular.

Our days: Youth goes out of fashion

A tall, stately woman, with magnificent breasts, a thin waist, rounded hips and long hair – such is the ideal woman of our days. If in a nutshell – this is Angelina Jolie.

Interestingly, being young and naive is not in fashion today.

“To date, the type of“ mature woman, ”says Sergey Matyash, is very much in demand. – Thirty-year-old models are more popular than young ones.

The most beautiful are Germans

RuEU calculated the representatives of which countries became the winners of “Miss Europe” most often.

1. Germany – 7

2. Austria, Turkey, Spain – 5

3. France – 4

4. Italy, Finland, Holland – 3

5. Russia,

Greece – 2

6. Hungary, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Great Britain – 1.

Ukrainians have never won. Till…

It is nice to be naive and believe that the most beautiful will win the beauty contest. The real Cinderella. No matter how!

“You have to understand that it’s not the girls who are competing, but the countries,” says Sergey MATYASH, president of the Miss Ukraine National Committee. – A very significant case occurred in 2002. I was then a member of the jury. We selected twelve girls who went to the second round. During the show, we were given leaflets with their names. And suddenly one of the organizers of the contest with the words: “Sorry, a technical error occurred” – began to fussyly “correct” this list. In front of my eyes, he crossed out “Miss Moldova” and entered the name of another girl. Then, to everyone’s surprise, she entered the top six and as a result received the crown. So “lucky” Svetlana Koroleva from Russia.

– So no one voted for her?

– Someone voted, but not the majority. Then we analyzed and understood why the Queen won. It turns out that one of the sponsors of the competition (one jewelry company) opened a chain of stores in Russia. And the “necessary” people agreed with each other.

– It turns out that the jury is sitting just for a look? Maybe you should be outraged or something.

– All jury members vote secretly. That is, I don’t know to whom my neighbor gave preference. Points are calculated by the organizer and summarizes.

– So, beauty does not play any role?

– Is not a fact. The fact is that no one is “pulled” from outsiders – the bluff is too obvious. That is, a country can “lobby” its interests only on condition that their “Miss” is beautiful enough even for a theoretical victory.

Interestingly, in the first place, the jury evaluates not the figure of the beauty, but the face. And more naturalness. It is no secret that many beauties often visited plastic surgeons. They enthusiastically remodel their nose, ears, and eyes. Previously, such a beauty contest would simply not be allowed. Until the mid-nineties, the contestants were even forbidden to dye their hair, not like pumping silicone in the ass! But then this ban somehow “resolved” by itself, and now “Miss” is becoming more beautiful every year.


1948-1959 — Pageantopolis

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