The headquarters of the multinational division North will begin work

The ministers of defense of Estonia, Latvia and Denmark as the main participants signed a statement on the establishment of the headquarters of the multinational division “North”, as the participating countries the statement was also signed by the defense ministers of Canada, the United Kingdom and Lithuania. The headquarters will begin work in September this year.

“This is a natural step to strengthen NATO defense,” said Estonian Defense Minister Juri Luik. “Now we can talk about a holistic military headquarters focused on Latvia and Estonia.”

The headquarters of the multinational division “North” will include about 300 people. The headquarters will be subordinate to the headquarters of the North-Eastern Corps stationed in Szczecin (Poland). The headquarters will begin work in September this year, will reach its primary operational potential in the first half of next year, and full operational potential in mid-2020.

The headquarters will operate simultaneously in Adazi (Latvia) and Denmark, while the headquarters element deployed in Denmark will be ready for quick deployment in the event of a crisis.

The headquarters tasks will include a constant operational review of what is happening in the region, the command of the teams subordinate to him, he will coordinate, plan and synchronize exercises and operations with various departments and other units. He will also conduct training for units subordinate to him and provide them with comprehensive support.

Long-term plans include participation in the work of the headquarters of all framework states deployed in the Baltic countries and Poland by allied combat groups.

“The Baltic Sea region is now one of the most vulnerable in NATO, and it’s important that the Alliance’s command structure matches real threats, and that NATO is able to lead large-scale collective defense operations, if necessary,” said Luik.

A division usually consists of 2-4 units the size of a brigade and various support units, the next level of command is the corps.

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