EU creates special forces to combat illegal immigrants

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The European Commission intends to consider a package of proposals on the organization of the Frontex border rapid response service to combat the influx of illegal immigrants.

It is supposed to approve the list of tasks and ways of financing the new border service. In addition, it is planned to discuss priority areas in solving the problem of European illegal immigrants as a whole.

This measure should be a response to numerous requests from EU member states to create operational services that could quickly come to the aid of countries experiencing difficulties with the influx of illegal immigrants.

The first operation to be carried out by future Frontex employees will be the deportation of illegal immigrants from the Canary Islands. In May, the Spanish government had already signaled to Brussels about the critical situation in the Canary Islands. Since the beginning of this year, 11 thousand illegal immigrants have arrived there from North Africa, thus breaking all records of previous years.

It is planned that during the operation the Spanish authorities will take direct control of the border guards, and experts from Frontex will provide them with all the necessary support.

The meeting of the European Commission will also consider a new system of registration of entry and exit of non-EU citizens, and methods of encouraging entrepreneurs who refuse to use illegal labor.

EU creates border forces to combat illegal immigrants

The European Commission on Wednesday approved a draft decree that paves the way for the EU to create a supranational border reaction force to combat illegal immigration at the EU’s external borders, said Franco Frattini, European Commissioner for Justice, Freedoms and Security.

According to him, members of the so-called border rapid response groups will be entrusted with the suppression and prevention of the entry of illegal immigrants from third countries into the EU countries.

“The border rapid response teams will consist of 250-300 people who will be able to very quickly assist in the fight against illegal immigration – within 10 days after receiving a request from an EU member,” Frattini said at a press conference in Brussels.

The European Commissioner said that the EU border reaction forces will be formed from citizens of EU member states who are experts in identifying third-country nationals, predicting the risks of illegal immigration, first aid, and translators.

Funding for the formation and training of expert group members will be entrusted to the EU agency for the protection of external borders – Frontex.

Members of the EU border forces will work closely with the national border services, they will have their own uniforms, which will bear the symbols of the EU, Frattini said.

Now, the draft resolution on the creation of an EU border reaction force to combat illegal migrants from third countries, developed by the European Commission, has yet to be approved by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers of the EU.

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