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European businessmen ask to take away EU citizenship from Russians

Many Russians have taken citizenship in European countries and have two or more passports. The EU has already opposed such a state of affairs, so that the Russians could not avoid responsibility for the war in Ukraine.

While the Armed Forces of Ukraine are destroying the Russian occupiers, powerful sanctions are leading the enemy’s economy to disaster. Some Russians hope to save themselves through dual citizenship, but that possibility has already been foreseen.

Petition against dual citizenship of Russians

A group of European businessmen created a petition that aims to deprive the citizens of the occupying country of the opportunity to avoid responsibility.

They are asking to ban Russians from having dual citizenship in the EU countries.

The petitioners suggest:

To prevent the military aggression of the Russian Federation against the countries of Europe, it is vitally important to adopt the urgent EU Directive, which obliges the following steps to be taken immediately:

  1. To Prohibit holding both EU and Russian Federation citizenships
  2. EU citizens with multiple citizenship should obligatorily report it, if one of their citizenships is Russian
  3. The mechanism of EU citizenship termination should be developed and implemented for those Russian citizens who currently hold EU passports. 

The Russian Federation attacked Ukraine again. They bombarded a sovereign country. The country, which ratified the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement and became the candidate for the EU accession. However, the Russian Federation did not hesitate to assault Ukraine. They blatantly aim to punish Ukrainians for their European choice. 

Thus, the Russian aggression against Ukraine calls all European countries for action. Among diverse measures that are already being taken, there is one more way to resist the war. EU countries could and even should reconsider their policies and regulations, regarding the granting of EU citizenship to Russian Federation citizens. Keeping the existing legal status quo, which allows Russian citizens to continue using the benefits of dual citizenship, presents the imminent threat to European Union wellbeing. 

To Prohibit holding both EU and Russian Federation citizenships

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