Repatriation of degenerate emigrants

On Facebook, an interesting story is given of a Russian American who talks about degenerate emigrants living in the USA and supporting Russia and Putin’s aggressive policies.

If someone does not like life in the USA to the point of complete disgust, why don’t you, my dear ones, collect your trunks and go to the return address?

One must have so much arrogance and stupidity in order to receive benefits here and at the same time grumble for any reason and applaud the establishment of a de facto red-brown dictatorship in Russia.

Comments on the above post are also very revealing.

Thanks for this text! Here, in Europe, in my opinion, the situation is even worse. Adequate people from Russian-speaking units … I don’t know how it is in other countries, but here in Norway the majority of Russian-speakers live in their own little world. They do not like Norwegian society and with foam at their mouths they will tell how everything is bad here. And none of them is going to leave back.

Here in Germany here the situation that you described for Norway is essentially unfortunately similar.

And in Italy, like a carbon copy.

In Sweden, unfortunately, the same thing.

I, too, amazed at this pro-Russian cattle, who escaped from Russian shit and at the same time protecting shit with foam at the mouth for the others who remained.

They behave like Islamists who hate the West, but prefer to live in a comfortable West, not deceiving that the introduction of their savage values into Western civilization will turn the West into that impoverished village from which they fled.

Putin calls on compatriots to return to Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church urges to facilitate the return of compatriots In Ugra, the mechanism of resettlement of compatriots from abroad was simplified back in March 2014. Why do compatriots do not want to return to Russia? Obviously, the whole point is the corrupting influence of the West, which has already poisoned the brains of compatriots. And this yellow newspaper, paid by the West, is bashfully silent about all the appeals of the party and the government for repatriation, multi-million dollar return programs. We must do our best to support the Russian government and simplify the process of repatriation of compatriots. Deprive of residence permits, citizenship and property. All this worldly filth, which averts from spiritual bonds. For all the acquired stuff, it’s junk to buy plane tickets and take them out within 24 hours.

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