The sexiest beaches in Europe

Most of the world’s beaches do not welcome the desire of tourists to make love right on the seashore – for nightly adventures, many vacationers are regularly fined or even get into the police. It is also usually forbidden to sunbathe on the beaches without a swimsuit or swimming trunks.

We decided to conduct our own research and compile TOP 5 of the best beaches in Europe, where on a romantic night tourists will not only not be punished, but vice versa – they will create comfortable conditions.

In the first place are the Spanish beaches of Caleta de Velez and Torre del Mar: in the Costa del Sol area. The local authorities of Veles Malaga have introduced special hours for sex on the beach – from 1 to 2 at night, when local discos finish their work and numerous couples seek privacy. However, on the other Spanish beaches for sex you can pay a serious fine of several thousand euros.

In second place is Ibiza. On this Spanish island, it is difficult to single out a specific place, since the whole island, in fact, has been turned into one big party, and you can stumble on secluded couples on most beaches. Of the entire coast of Ibiza, however, eastern is most popular for romantic dates. On it you can Cala d`Espart – an almost deserted beach, loved by the famous director Roman Polanski.

In third place are the beaches of Bulgaria. The authorities of this country removed any fines for sex on the beaches, and now the maximum that could threaten couples in love is an oral warning. In fact, the police now simply prefer not to pay attention to lovers. The German newspaper Deutsche welle once wrote that it was shocked by the number of couples who openly have sex on Bulgarian beaches.

In fourth place are the beaches of Holland, which did not get on the first line in our rating only because only very seasoned people can swim on the coast there – the water temperature rarely exceeds 17 degrees. But there are no prohibitions on romantic meetings – according to the law of 2008, it is officially allowed to have sex in parks and beaches of this country.

In fifth place is Croatia, in particular, the island of Lopud, which is just north of Dubrovnik. The island is considered one of the centers of nudism, but, unlike the rest of the nudist beaches of Croatia, where sex on the beach can be seriously fined, such bans do not apply on the island. There are no official orders on this score, but the local authorities and the police simply turn a blind eye to the night violators.

Not every beach is suitable for sex.

For example, sex on the beach in Spain is encouraged by law. True, not every Spanish beach is open for hot sex on the beach. And if you are determined for a full vacation, go to the city of Velez Malaga on the beaches of Torre del Mar and Caleta de Velez (Costa del Sol). And be sure to wait until one in the morning! Start earlier – run the risk of running into a fine. Postpone your adventure until “well after midnight” – you may not have time to manage until 3 a.m.

Yes, local authorities gave sex on the beach only two hours of night time. Not so much, considering that there are more than enough people who want to spend time in the Spanish town of Velez Malaga, and finding a more or less secluded place for sex on the beach is not so simple.

However, the fact that some twenty meters from you is a couple doing the same thing is not particularly worried. On the contrary: you can always peek at some intricate pose from practices, for example, guests from Africa, and add some South African flavor to your sex on the beach.

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