Russians leaving PACE cleaned their office at zero

Representatives of Russia in PACE, whose delegation was ridiculed by European parliament on January 28, left Strasbourg with a scandal.

As journalist Igor Tikholaz writes on his Facebook page, leaving the residence, the Russians “swept everything to zero”:

“Damn, I laugh and cry. From Strasbourg the news was reported by familiar journalists who went there to the PACE session, at which representatives of Russia were put out the door yesterday afternoon. They left their offices with scandal, slamming the door loudly. But before that they cleaned them under zero – they took the office (pens, pencils, A-4 paper, staplers, profiles), in some places they unscrewed the bulbs and even grabbed soap from the toilets and toilet paper. Experienced representatives of the PACE office are shocked, they have not seen this before.”

On January 27, PACE adopted a majority vote on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and refugees. Of the 155 deputies present in the hall, 140 voted in favor and only 7 voted against. The resolution was opposed by Russian deputies.

The text was significantly changed during the consideration, several norms were added to it with harsh criticism of the Russian Federation, after which the document turned from a purely humanitarian one to describing the details of the conflict and asserting the guilt of the Russian Federation for its escalation.

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