US Army prepares next batch of equipment for shipment to Europe

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In April 2017 the United States will transfer about a thousand more troops to the eastern border of NATO in Poland. This is stated on the Twitter page of the command of the American troops in Europe.

Military equipment will be sent to the city of Orzysz in northeastern Poland at the end of March from the Wilsek base in Germany. It will include several armored personnel carriers, self-propelled mortars and howitzers.

During the redeployment, the US military will arrive in Poland through the territory of Germany and the Czech Republic.

In Poland, will accommodate more than 80 US helicopters.

You thought that the United States brought 87 tanks and a couple of thousand units of other equipment to Europe and calmed down? They thought that they had transferred a dozen or two helicopters and drank satisfied bourbon? And no!

While our media, as it is typical for them, are late with the issuance of hot cakes, stumbling when they are already being handed over for distribution, I bring to your attention a very interesting photoset. This is the 68th combat support battalion of the 4th US Army Infantry Division. What is he doing? Prepares his equipment for shipment to Poland. What for? Well, how to contain the threat from the wild.

And therefore, do not be surprised when after a week or two behind the curb it will again bomb – “Trump, stop it!” You have already been warned.

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