NATO is not surrounded by Russia, they are simply fenced off from Russia

The first columns of military equipment and US troops arrived in Poland. The expansion of the presence of American troops on the eastern flank of NATO is in accordance with the plan of US President Barack Obama in response to the aggressive actions of Russia.

This was announced on January 12 by the BBC News Service and the 3rd Panzer Brigade of the 4th US Infantry Division on their Facebook page.

An agreement to strengthen NATO’s presence in Eastern Europe was reached at the Warsaw Summit and provides for the deployment of about 1,000 troops in the Baltic countries and Poland in each of these countries. In addition, approximately 4,400 troops from the 3rd US Tank Brigade will be deployed in Central and Eastern Europe as part of the Atlantic Resolve operation.

The brigade’s equipment was delivered by sea last week to Germany, and then headed under its own power to Poland. The general command of the units will be based in Poland, and the military will be distributed between Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Hungary, where they will begin to take part in military exercises.

Units are scheduled to rotate every nine months.

The largest increase in US military presence in Europe in decades takes place a week before the change of president in the United States. According to the Polish news agency IAR, the initial plan called for the deployment of the US military by the end of January, but incumbent President Barack Obama decided to speed up the process so that the elected US president Donald Trump could not stop him after taking office on January 20.

Russia called the US actions an aggressive move, TASS reported. “Any country can perceive and will perceive the buildup of a foreign military presence at its borders. That is how we perceive it. We look at it as a threat to us and as actions that threaten our interests, our security,” said Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the deployment of additional American forces in Europe a destabilizing factor for European security. “With regard to the deployment, so hasty, in recent days by the Obama administration of American forces in Europe, this, of course, is a destabilizing factor for the entire European security complex,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Meshkov.

Poland – US military: We have been waiting for you for decades

An official welcoming ceremony was held in the Polish city of Zagan for US troops arriving in Poland as part of the Atlantic Resolve operation, Polish Radio reports.

The celebrations were attended by Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, Secretary of Defense Anthony Matserevich, US Ambassador to Poland Paul Jones, and representatives of local authorities.

Premier Beata Szydlo emphasized that the presence of US Army units in Poland enhances the security of the country and all of Europe.

“Today I can say that the presence of American soldiers in Poland is the next step in implementing a coherent strategy to strengthen the security of Poland and our region,” she said during the ceremony.

The head of the Polish defense department, Anthony Matserevich, said the country had been waiting for NATO troops for a very long time: “We have been waiting for you for decades, often with a feeling of loneliness. Often feeling that we are the only ones who defend civilization against threats from the east.”

Matserevich recalled the words of former Polish President Lech Kaczynski in 2008 after a Russian attack, when he warned: “If we do not resist this aggression now, then Ukraine will turn, then the Baltic countries, and then, possibly, my country , my people and all of Europe. “

Approximately 4,500 US troops will serve in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. US troops will rotate every nine months. In the city of Zagan will be the headquarters of the command of the American armored brigade.

As previously reported, in Poland there are already more than a thousand US troops. Another 300 soldiers arrived in Poznan this week.

And the other day, American tanks were delivered to Poland to contain Russia. The Kremlin has already called such actions a threat to Russia.

It is for this scenario that NATO ground forces are needed. Following the example of Turkey, they will choose a buffer zone on the territory of the Russian Federation, which will protect the rest of the space where chaos and bloody bacchanalia will reign, following the example of Syria. Since this space has no special value, its population will be left to its own devices and will gnaw throats to each other.

Video about the exhibition of Polish military equipment in Szczecin on January 14, 17, related to the arrival of the third armored brigade from Fort Carson state Colorado to Poland.

American tanks on exercises in Poland

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