Allies imitate invasion from Russia

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The traditional May Spring Spring storm Kevadtorm exercises are taking place in Estonia, in which this time, in addition to the Estonian military, military personnel from 11 more countries participate. According to the training plan, the “guests”, starting today, must imitate an attack from the east in Virumaa, so that the 1st infantry brigade of the Estonian Defense Forces, which also includes the Anglo-French-Danish battalion, could work out the defense.

This year, “Spring Storm” was a record in scope. About 9 thousand people take part in the exercises – not only conscripts, for whom this is a kind of test before being transferred to the reserve, but also Keitseliite reservists and volunteers, as well as small units from another 11 countries (including non-NATO countries, for example, from Ukraine, Georgia and Finland). The allies are attached to the Estonian 1st and 2nd Infantry Brigades, which “compete” in these exercises.

Ground forces, armed with tanks, are conditionally supported by aviation. At the same time, naval exercises are held, and headquarters learn to control the battle, which is fought simultaneously on land, in the air and at sea.

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