Donald Cook arrives in Odesa

The US Armed Burke 6th Fleet of the US Navy’s Donald Cook (DDG 75) arrived in Odessa. This planned visit is part of the continued presence of the US in the Black Sea and the support of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other partners in the region.

According to the official website of the US Navy 6 Command, the purpose of this destroyer visit to the Black Sea region is to carry out a joint operation with the Allies to ensure security and strengthen regional stability. In particular, last week, the ship conducted a joint naval maneuver with the Fatih Navy of the Turkish Republic.

It should be noted that Donald Cook is a frequent guest in the Black Sea and South Palmira. Odessa has already accepted a destroyer on a goodwill visit in 2007, and several years ago during the international naval exercises of the Sea Breeze series. In April 2014, the destroyer carried out joint maneuvers with the Romanian Navy, and at the end of the year visited the ports of Romania and Bulgaria.

In addition, in January this year, the ship entered the Black Sea and visited the port of Batumi, where he participated in joint exercises with the Coast Guard Service of Georgia.

The US Navy continues to support our allies and partners in the common regional interests, to ensure stability at sea. Our visit demonstrates the involvement of the Navy in meeting the overall security goals in the region, ”said Miss Cook Commander Donald Cook Matthew J. Powell.

Rocket destroyer “Donald Cook” belongs to the class “Arly Burke”. Its length is 154 meters, width is 20 meters, sediment is 9.4 meters. Total displacement of more than 9000 tons. Four gas turbine units with a total capacity of 108 thousand hp accelerate the ship to 32 knots. The destroyer has on board 96 launchers for Tomahawk, Asorock and Standard missiles, a 127-mm Mark-45 gun and a Harpoon anti-ship missile. It also has two SH-60 helicopters. The crew consists of 380 people.

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