Europe will become the largest car market in the world

Increasing car sales in Eastern and Central Europe can lead to the fact that this year the European car market may become the largest in the world, ahead of the North American market in terms of sales. Prior to this, the United States was much ahead of Europe in the number of new cars sold, but in the past ten months, this gap has narrowed to several thousand pieces of equipment.

So, in the first ten months of 2007, 13 million 583 thousand 559 cars were sold in the USA. And in Europe for the same period – 13 million 572 thousand 669 cars (compare these figures with last year’s figures, when America had an advantage over Europe of 740 thousand units).

The success of the European market is due to the high sales figures observed this year in the UK, Italy, and also (as mentioned above) in some countries of Eastern and Central Europe (presumably, Russia has made a significant contribution to the growth of the European market). At the same time, car sales in the US declined due to higher gas prices and a crisis in the lending market.

Experts expect both “competing” markets to finish this year at the turn of 16 million cars sold. As for the next year, there are no forecasts for the numbers yet. There is only confidence that in 2008 Europe will surpass America in terms of sales.

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