South Europe: snowfalls are now in fashion

Snowfall hit the Adriatic coast of Italy. Under the white cover of Ancona and Bari, the southern regions of Calabria and Sicily. Bari Airport is closed due to poor visibility. In many cities – including the capital of Rome – the temperature fell several degrees below zero.

Ice and snow made the express highway dangerous along the Adriatic coast dangerous, and the traffic police recommended citizens to drive only in cases of emergency. Train traffic is also difficult: most railways function, but trains arrive at their destination with a great delay, which can reach several hours.

So, the passenger train heading for Rome from Lesse – the extreme point of the “Italian boot” – stopped in the Capua area due to an accident provoked by snowfall. 450 passengers spent most of the night in cars without heating. They arrived in Rome with a 12-hour delay.

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