TV presenter Solovyov’s villa arrested in Italy

In RuNet, the news is beginning to spread that within the framework of the Yukos case, the Villa la Pomét Solovyev of the TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov was arrested. The journalist Oleg Kashin wrote about this on his Twitter. “At the suit of Yukos, the villa of the TV presenter Soloviev on Lake Como was arrested in Italy,” he said. There is no evidence of this information in open sources.

The villa is located in Pianello del Lario, on via Grotti. The three-story house has 16 rooms, there is a boathouse. Solovyov called the cost of the villa – 4.5 million euros. The villa is framed by offshore Honor international LLC.

In France and Belgium, property and accounts that the authorities of these countries consider to be Russian were seized in mid-June pursuant to a decision of the arbitration court in The Hague at the suit of former Yukos shareholders. In 2014, the European Court upheld the lawsuit of the former owners of the company against Russia, obliging them to pay about $ 50.2 billion. Pursuant to this decision, in mid-June, arrests of Russian property began in a number of EU countries, in particular in Belgium and France. Among those arrested are Russian banks, the Eurocontrol organization that regulates air traffic over Europe, non-governmental organizations, the account of MIA Russia Today, the property of the Russian Orthodox Church. Putin said that Russia does not recognize the competence of the Hague court, since it is not a member of the European Energy Charter, and will prove its position in the courts in the prescribed manner.

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