Brussels residents deprived New Year salute

In Brussels, due to the threat of terrorist attacks, the traditional New Year’s fireworks was canceled. Since December 21, increased security measures have been in force in the Belgian capital. It was then that the police arrested 14 people on suspicion of organizing a jailbreak of Al-Qaida member Nizar Trabelsi. It was assumed that they intended to launch a series of terrorist attacks in Brussels. The detainees were soon released, but the authorities did not cancel the enhanced security regime.

Increased security measures will be valid until at least the third of January. The cancellation of the New Year’s fireworks became known literally the day before the New Year.

Thousands of city residents and guests of the capital annually gather in the center of Brussels, near the historic Grand Place, to watch the New Year’s fireworks display. On New Year’s Eve, they can only dream of fireworks.

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