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Putin made a hajj on Athos, which the media has been trumpeting the whole past week. Now, the whole world can confidently say that they saw Putin in the grave, and no matter how far they are from the truth.

Putin, of course, posed not in the grave, but already on the bench of the Byzantine emperors. Like, the elders from Athos rendered such honor to the dictator of the northern lands, the hope and support of the entire Orthodox world. Heh, the hero of Zelensky from the series Servant to the People is right, the trouble with many rulers is that they don’t know history. The Byzantine emperors, who finished very badly over Hagia Sophia, nowadays the crescent of Mohammedans shines. But also, everyone was thinking about the Eurasian empire, and it’s better to be friends with the Turks than with the “geoype” mired in heresy. Well what to say? Before we were friends.

Undoubtedly, with the Byzantine Empire, the Russian Federation has much in common, including the style of conducting politics, foreign in the first place. The concept of Byzantine politics, deceitful and insidious, in general has become a common noun.

So, the Russian media devoted Putin’s Hajj, the main attention, it’s as if understandable, because the business part of Putin’s visit to Greece was not asked. In the same photograph “Putin in the grave”, it is very clearly visible that “the father and intercessor of all peoples”, was slightly tired and somehow wilted. And I would like to say a few words about this.

Do you know what caught my eye during Putin’s trip to Greece? This is the “chic” characteristic of the dictators of dwarf or not-so-African countries. In the 60s – 70s of the last century there were many of them, they there on their Black continent changed like gloves, but everyone imagined themselves great and wanted to be respected and accepted on an equal footing in the world. At the same time, they believed that the more armed guards were with them, the more majestic they would look. In addition to a crowd of kgbeshnikov in robes, foreseen by the very patriarch of all Mordor, Putin dragged a small army into Greece. 70 – elite commandos, 2 fighters, as well as 3 armored vehicles with equipment that was supposed to create some kind of protective field there. And of course, the crowd of servants. That’s just nobody this rattling rusty wings of the Mordor dove was not impressed.

The Mordor dictator was not met by the president of Greece, but by the prime minister. Negotiations with the Greek authorities, in general, the complete failure of Mordor diplomacy. Yes, yes, this is not “morons, shit” to you …

Putin, hoping to buy Greece for 2 billion loans, only the Greek president said less than 5-10 billion, as it were, is nothing to say. It turns out, something like: “I’m not Yanukovych, I won’t sell for 3 billion, people don’t understand, and to support the economy, 10 are needed.” But, a blow below the belt was dealt at another moment. As soon as Putin hinted that Greece would not have hinted at lifting European sanctions against Mordor, and then they say Greece would be happy in the Mordor markets, Pavlopoulos categorically snapped: “This is Brussels, and we will not go against the common decision of the EU countries. The decision is final and not subject to appeal. ”

That’s all, as long as the Mordorian media and politicians talk about how bad the EU is from the sanctions imposed against its people by Putin and that Europe is raking in spoons, the leader of the “great world power” crawls on its knees, begging the president of one of the most depressed European countries, and generally insignificant, to help lift the “anti-Mordor” sanctions. That must be all you need to know about Mordor as a “world power.”

Putin’s visit to Greece showed only one thing, no one in the world perceives Mordor as a world power to be reckoned with and do business with. The maximum that the Russian Federation is pulling today is the third-rate African dictatorship, with the only difference being that this dwarf has a nuclear baton and other weapons of mass destruction in his hands. And everything else. As the saying goes: “Ara loves tsatski.”

And yet, in the summer of 2013, the same president of Ukraine Yanukovych made the same hajj on Athos. Well, you get it, right?

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