Bulgarians compile lists of pro-Putin katsaps and kick them back to Zadrischensk

In Bulgaria, the police identify Putin’s cattle-breeding.

A valid goat-cattle-hunter is canceled a valid visa is issued, a seven-day transit visa is issued – for which Putin’s goat-claw monkey must sell his apartment in Bulgaria and clean his back forever in Zadrischensk.

Bulgaria is the last country in Europe, where the fagots were kicked out with pissed rags (even with financial losses, as in the case of South Stream), even after the Ukrainians – the Bulgarians did it.

I have already written many times that I EXACTLY know the mechanisms by which goat-muzzle cotton monkeys are identified in all European countries for eternal bans in the EU and sending them home to Zadrischensk. But I will not describe everything here, so as not to violate the unexpectedness of the fatal blow on the goat-muzzle Katsap creature.

How Bulgarian police reveal Putin’s cattle-catcher

The usual comments of the Bulgarians regarding Putin’s fagot and fagot):

List of pro-Russian groups, pages and Facebook profiles publicly shared by their owners. This is not a witch hunt, but a useful list of trolls that appear to be waging a Russian information war in our country. Which ones are paid and which ones are lumped for free cannot be said. There are institutions that you should understand. The list is constantly updated with suspected trolls spamming on the social network. Everyone is free to share their impressions by adding new alleged agents of Russian propaganda in Bulgaria to it. The list does not claim to be 100% up-to-date and accurate.

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