Jackals at foreign embassies

We have already written many times that under the guise of a loyal course to the National Leader of youth movements, often are ordinary Orangist provocateurs. The example of Ruslan Ashrafov’s grouping seemed the most striking – here there is a public relations campaign of the opposition and congresses, a struggle against conscription, and even banal homosexuality — all signs of degeneration. The Nashi Youth Democratic Anti-Fascist Movement was also infected, and some fake patriots, who use the resources of the democratic movement to achieve personal goals, found themselves in this well-proven movement.

One of the egregious cases will be discussed in today’s article. On January 3, 2008, the Finnish embassy refused to issue a visa to a certain Maryana Skvortsova, who is an activist of the St. Petersburg branch of the Nashi movement. It would seem that this is so? Geopolitical adversary – the European Union does not allow Russian patriots into its territory. It is quite a common situation, you can go on a trip to a friendly country, for example, Kazakhstan or China. But is Maryana a true patriot devoted to the cause of the National Leader?

The opposition has no goal of winning this election; they have a goal of shaking the city. And they are trying to achieve this goal. And the “march of those who disagree” is only the visible part of the iceberg, because the task is to change the way people think, this is not a month or a year, but several years. The opposition systematically achieves this goal. For example: Pinochet was overthrown for 5-6 years and people worked precisely with the internal protest of citizens. When a person answers directly to a question that he trusts the authorities, but by his actions and deeds shows the opposite.

This is not an excerpt from the text of Stanislav Yakovlev or some other graphomaniac from Kasparov.ru, this is a quote from an article by Maryana Skvortsova, commissar of the movement “OURS”. The President, the National Leader is compared to the bloody dictator Pinachet, who tortured the talented musician Victor Haru. Not all the most inveterate orangeman descends to such insults!

The Internet is available in Finland too, a person with similar views would be accepted in the European Union with open arms. And Maryana regularly visited foreign countries! In the photograph of the passport posted on the website of the movement “OURS” we can see that the girl was not traveling abroad for the first time, the last time she visited Finland in August, i.e. recently.

Visas are still visible above, unfortunately the dates did not appear on the picture. What did a young unmarried girl, a Russian patriot in Finland need, what was the purpose of the trip? Relaxation? But a vacation abroad every 4 months will not be able to afford and a person with a good income. Work? But what career can we talk about during a 19-day trip? Another thing when it comes to quick money for a young girl, then 15-20 days is quite an adequate period.

Young girls from Russia are popular in Europe

As you know, Russian girls are very popular in Europe, including Finland. Finnish police exposed Russian prostitutes: the activities of the criminal network were controlled from Russia. Senior Inspector Seppo Sillanpaa, who led the investigation, said that the head of the criminal network is located in St. Petersburg. Finnish border guards check girls from Russia in “special mode” precisely because of the high level of prostitution. But we will not make hasty conclusions. Who knows, maybe Maryana found herself some more harmless way to make quick money.

Unfortunately, this case was not limited to a private scandal. On Wednesday, January 9, OUR activists are going to hold a rally outside the European Commission representative office in Moscow. Where is the national pride? Are patriots of a nuclear power going to beg for visas from hostile countries? It was about such politicians that the President spoke when he said that some “jackal at foreign embassies.” It is a pity that unworthy people were so close to the National Leader.

Those members of the movement “OURS” who sincerely believe in the ideals of the Putin Plan, I would like to advise you to take an example from Vladimir Vladimirovich himself. After all, the President makes only forced trips abroad, at work, on the rare free days, on holidays, Vladimir Vladimirovich visits the Russian province, often even small villages. The President celebrated his last Christmas in Veliky Ustyug, in the homeland of Santa Claus! Did all the commanders of the movement “OURS” manage to visit this beautiful server city before setting off to spend earned money somewhere in Egypt or Turkey?

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