The minimum wage in Europe is from 92 to 1570 euros per month

The minimum wage in the EU member states was variable from 92 to 1570 euros per month, as it turned out last year. The Main Statistical Office of Europe released information according to which, all countries in which the minimum wage indicator has been introduced are divided into three categories. Spain with 570 euros belongs to the “middle peasants”.

The first category in terms of minimum wages up to 300 euros per month includes Bulgaria (92 euros per month), Romania (114), Latvia (172), Lithuania (174), Slovakia (217), Estonia (230), Poland (246) , Hungary (258), Czech Republic (288).

The second category includes countries where the minimum wage is from 400 to 700 euros: Portugal (470 euros), Slovenia (522), Malta (585), Spain (666), Greece (668 euros in July 2006).

The third group includes countries with a fixed minimum wage of more than 1,200 euros per month: France (1254 euros), Belgium (1259), the Netherlands (1301), Great Britain (1361), Ireland (1403), Luxembourg (1570).

According to 2005 data, the proportion of people who received the minimum wage ranged from 1% in Spain to 17% in France. In 2005, the minimum wage in different EU countries was from 30% to 50% of the average salary in industry before tax.

The lowest minimum wage in the European Union was 92 euros in Bulgaria, and the highest – 1,570 euros in Luxembourg, the press service of the European Commission reports.

“The minimum wage in the EU varies greatly – from 92 euros in Bulgaria to 1,570 euros in Luxembourg,” the press service of the EU executive authorities said.

According to data released by the European statistical bureau Eurostat, three groups of countries can be distinguished in the EU in terms of minimum wage.

The first group of countries with the lowest minimum wage (less than 300 euros per month) in the European Union includes Bulgaria (92 euros), Romania (114 euros), Latvia (172 euros), Lithuania (174 euros), Slovakia (217 euros), Estonia (230 euros), Poland (246 euros), Hungary (258 euros) and the Czech Republic (288 euros).

The second group of countries with an average minimum wage (from 400 to 700 euros per month) in the EU included Portugal (470 euros), Slovenia (522 euros), Malta (585 euros), Spain (666 euros) and Greece (668 euros).

The third group of countries in which the highest minimum wage is paid in the EU (more than 1,200 euros per month) include France (1,254 euros), Belgium (1,259 euros), the Netherlands (1,301 euros), the UK (1,361 euros), Ireland (1,403 euros) ) and Luxembourg (1570 euros).

In Spain, only one percent of the population receives the minimum wage, while in France – 17 percent of the population.

The minimum wage in the EU was established in January 2007 in 20 of the 27 countries of the European Union.

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