Blondes are already out of fashion

First Vice-Queen of the World 2007 Maria Cherkunova

Most often, readers asked our guest how to become a beauty.

Maria Cherkunova: – I have been practicing karate for 5 years and I am able to stand up for myself!

Maria CHERKUNOVA was born in Kiev on February 2, 1990. She graduated from the gymnasium of oriental languages, participated in local and All-Ukrainian Olympiads, the Small Academy of Sciences. In 2007, she entered the Kyiv University “Holy Light”. He speaks English, Japanese and Korean.

For a year and a half of model work, she participated in dozens of shows by famous designers.

Hobbies: reading (favorite authors – Brem Stoker and Stephen King), karting, bowling, horse riding.

Loves yellow roses and orchids.

Hello Maria! Irina from Kiev. Congratulations on your successful performance! And the question is: how do you follow your figure?

Hello Irina! First of all, swimming. I go to the pool regularly. Well, and of course less fat, sweet, bread. And more water, liquid.

Do you like sweets?

Simply adore!

Is it hard to refuse him?

I will not lie – very much!

This is Natasha, Kiev. Maria, admit how you feel about handsome men?

“Good, why not bad?”

“Well, do not you think that a man should be“ a little prettier than a monkey ”?

“Of course, not bad if he’s a handsome guy.” But beauty is not the main thing.

“What men do you like?”

“I like the blue-eyed blondes.” As for the character, I am a very picky person: my chosen one should be smart and with a sense of humor.

I’m calling you from Zaporozhye. There is a proverb: “Do not be born beautiful, but be born happy.” Are you happy?

Forgive me if I say not what you expected: after all, beauty is one of the factors of happiness. Because if you are pretty, they pay more attention to you, open up great opportunities, etc.

“But there are many beautiful women who are unhappy in their personal lives?”

Happiness depends not least on the person himself. That is, if you want to be happy, then achieve this! And if a certain person has some internal problems, then you should not blame the rest.

Katya, Kiev. Maria, tell me: what qualities are most appreciated by the jury of all kinds of beauty contests?

Firstly, you need to be a very sociable and friendly girl. It is very desirable for the contestant to know as many foreign languages ​​as possible. Well, of course, in addition to beauty, a girl should have intellectual abilities at the level.

By the way, by age you were probably one of the youngest in this contest?

Yes, mostly older girls participated there – from 20 to 23 years old. And the oldest was 26 years old.

Does age matter in this matter?

“I think not. Although, after 30, you yourself understand.”

By the way, there are legends that the contestants are at odds with each other.

Thank God, everything was fine with us in this regard. I also heard various horror films on this subject. But, thank God, we didn’t have this: nobody put glass in shoes for anyone, etc.

Maria, hello! This is Alexei from Kiev. How exactly do you think: is it still a myth or is it true that Ukrainians are the most beautiful in the world?

Of course, the truth! Ukrainians are the most beautiful, and in general our nation is the most beautiful.

And in second place, who would you put after us?

“Oh, good question … Maybe Latinos.”

  • Yes Yes. In recent years, girls from Venezuela have won almost all competitions. Well, is it fashionable for brunettes now?
  • Indeed, blondes have long been at the peak of popularity, and now give way to brunettes. In our competition, there were still blondes in the top ten, but already in the final five there were only brunettes. In general, if you notice, in recent times, so to speak, girls with mixed bloods have become fashionable – of Eastern or Latin American appearance. Even my mother, joking, jokes, they say, “you have to mix the blood so that the children are beautiful.”
  • It turns out that men are tired of blondes?
  • I do not know – I’m not a man (laughs).
  • Masha, admit, at this contest there were girls with “violent” charms?
  • As far as I know, there was not one that would have had plastic surgery for herself. All girls have their own natural appearance.
  • But you, with time, when cellulite appears, will you agree to plastic surgery?
  • When this time comes, then I’ll think about it.
  • Svetlana, Zhytomyr. Maria, tell me, if it’s not a secret: is it true that in the world of model business, girls make their careers not only by their beauty, but also through bed? And are you not afraid of such a prospect?
  • No, I don’t worry about it, because I’m sure that there are decent and reliable people in my environment. You see, it all depends on the model itself: if it allows for such a thing, it is her own business. I do not accept this. It seems to me that it is very dirty.
  • And if someone does begin to molest?
  • Here I myself stand for myself: for 5 years I went to karate, took third place in Kiev. In the gymnasium, I was once hit by a guy, a couple of years older. He didn’t want to apologize, and he had to teach him a lesson … They even planned to expel me until they figured out that my offender was to blame for everything. But what’s interesting: later, at the disco, he came up to me and offered to meet (smiles).
  • So you have a strong character?

“Well, I don’t know … But certainly not weak!”

Masha, do you have an idol?

“Yes, but I would not call him an idol.” Just a person I’m very proud of. This is Yulia Tymoshenko.

“Are you wearing the same braid?”

Of course not. I like her personal qualities. She is a very courageous woman, and always achieves her goal.This is Slavik from Cherkasy. Psychologists say that beautiful and ugly girls need to be raised in different ways. Masha, have you been explained to you since childhood that you are better than others?

Each child is the best and most beautiful for their parents. But I was raised as an ordinary child – it wasn’t such that you, they say, are the most beautiful, etc.

It’s just that the girl who does the housework washes the dishes, her nails are broken and her skin is not very … Beauty must be protected. For example, did your parents take care of you?

“My parents, of course, have always taken care of me.” But, it happened that when I came to my grandmother in the village, I could dig up a bed, wash the dishes, and clean the house. It’s not a problem for me. From the age of 4 I love to housekeeping in the kitchen. In the gymnasium, two girls from Korea taught us, they taught me how to cook different dishes: cakes, cakes, salads. And even sea kale chips!

Alexander, Dnepropetrovsk. I heard that you are studying in Kiev at a university related to oriental languages. What kind of university is this, and why did you enter it? Did the beauty contest interfere with the session, and how did the institute react to your victory?

I study at Kiev University of Oriental Languages, I study English, Japanese and Korean there. And before that, I studied at the gymnasium of oriental languages, there we were taught English and Korean – so I went there to study.

That is, if a Korean calls you now, can you answer him in his native language?

Yes, I’ll try. By the way, at this contest we had a Korean girl, she did not speak English well, and we and her director spoke easily in Korean, even made friends. They were still very surprised that the Ukrainian speaks Korean. And probably everyone was told about it, so then when they met everyone turned to me: “This is the non-Korean who knows Korean!”

And you did not reproach your girlfriend for the fact that they – Koreans – eat dogs?

You know, for them this is a sore point already. Even in the gymnasium, we had a volunteer teacher from South Korea.

So she said that they have not eaten dogs for a long time.

And at the university, my forced absence due to the trip to the competition was treated with understanding. They calmly let go, gave a respite, and now they are very well received.So you can say that the session was easier than usual?

Not. I have a session ahead (laughs).

And who do you see yourself after the University of Oriental Languages?

I also want to go to MGIMO to the faculty of international relations, to a diplomatic specialty (with an eye on Korea, of course). You know, I already know so much about this country that Korea has become like a native to me: culture, language, traditions – everything, everything, everything.

“Have you been to Korea before?”

“No, not yet.”

  • By the way, here you know Korean, and learn English, and Japanese. Do you own Ukrainian?
  • So, Avzhezh, I know and I am united by my Ukrainian. There is a grandmother in me (the third infection is 74 fateful), so I won’t be so lonely from me in Ukrainian.
  • There you are at the village, mabut?
  • So, there’s alive in the village. The whole town of Boryspil, the village of Voronkiv.
  • Good – offset! Maria, do you like Korean carrots?
  • I love, and I can do it myself: both carrots and beets!
  • Do you know the secrets of their preparation ?! The fact that the stores are sold from our agricultural companies is not that! But to the real one! .. In Dnepropetrovsk we have local recruits in the bazaar and under torture you can’t find out this recipe!
  • In our gymnasium in the first four classes two Korean women taught. They taught us their culinary wisdom.
  • Masha, can you tell me how to cook it? For real?!
  • You are welcome! So, the Korean carrot recipe. It is known that Koreans love everything salty and very peppery. Therefore, for Korean carrots, you need more spices – coriander, black pepper, salt. And in order to make the taste pleasant, you still need to add vinegar, a little sugar, as well as garlic. Garlic, coriander and pepper are the main things in this dish.
  • And in proportions? ..
  • For 1 kg of carrots you need 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil, 1 tbsp. tablespoon of vinegar, if there is a lot of it, then 1 teaspoon of sugar, pepper, coriander can be more and garlic heads 2.
  • That is, this unique aftertaste of their carrots – does it still give coriander?
  • No, rather pepper and garlic.
  • Taras, Kiev. I heard that the jury of the Queen of the World contest, which was held this time in Austria, should have Paris Hilton. Did you see her there?
  • No, she was not there, why – I do not know. There were German and Austrian designers, singers, representatives of the national offices of this competition … Another plastic surgeon was …
  • Plastic surgeon? For what purpose?
  • Well I do not know. Probably to determine the beauty of natural from fake.
  • Did the jury have many women?
  • Women were, but not much. I won’t even say how many there were for 19 members of the jury. I could not see everyone, there was no time for this – it was hard preparation for the competition.
  • Have you been preparing for the competition for a long time?

“I didn’t have much time — just three weeks.” But in these three weeks I was able to do more than others in 3-4 months.

  • How did your family react to your victory, boy?
  • My boyfriend, of course, reacted well. At the airport he did not manage to meet me, he arrived home, congratulated me, was very happy and proud of me. And my parents are very proud of me.
  • Mary, do you like fast driving? Cars?
  • ABOUT! This is my sore point – I love cars!
  • Do you already drive?
  • Well, while I can’t drive a car. I go karting yet … (laughs). I plan closer to February 2008, when I will be 18 years old, to pass on the right. And so I’m already looking for a car.
  • And which one would you like?
  • I love sports cars and business class. If you take the business class, then I like the Mercedes-500. If sports, then Ferrari-350 Slider.
  • Hello, Masha! Tell me, do you support any Ukrainian football team?
  • Well, as a patriot – for the national team of Ukraine, of course. Dad and I, when he and I have free time, go to football. True, she graduated from school here, entered the university – therefore, the last time I was at the stadium a year ago. You know, just watching football on TV is one thing, and when you sit in the stadium and are sick, it’s completely different! Such exciting sensations – I can’t even tell you!

“Maria, I already read about you in the newspapers: apparently, you are a modest person.” So tell me: your modesty doesn’t interfere with your model career?

When you feel that you need to achieve something, or you see that someone is impudent, crawls on his head, or is doing his own in different ways, I try to somehow moderate my modesty and rebuff. Sometimes I am very ashamed of some Ukrainians. You go, for example, in a minibus, and there healthy men sit and do not give way to a woman with a child or a pregnant woman, push around … They do not smile, they don’t say thank you to the driver …

“Do you say thank you to the minibus driver?”

“Yes, if I go out, I always say that.” Or, there: “Please transfer the money.”

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