Italy – how much in this sound

Italy is one of the interesting countries and each person, regardless of whether he has ever visited this country or not, has his own opinion about it. Its name is associated with olive oil, the immortal mafia, the ruins of ancient Rome and the palaces of the Renaissance, it is a country of wine, spaghetti and high fashion.

The image of Italy consists of many components, each of which is attractive and interesting in its own way. However, you should not be limited only to these images. Italy is more diverse and contains many more values.

Each person must have something connected with Italy. Someone comes here in search of a beautiful life, someone – to see the sights known since childhood: St. Peter’s Basilica, Juliet’s house, the Uffizi Gallery, Pompeii, etc.

Meanwhile, there are many interesting places to visit in Italy.

Visiting St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, you can stroke the right foot of Peter himself. According to Italian tradition, this will bring good luck to your life.

In Verona is the house of Juliet, where in the courtyard there is a monument to her. Touching Juliet’s right breast, you will meet your love.

Undoubtedly, dreams do not always coincide with reality. Perhaps the exception is Milan – here is the center of world fashion, the famous La Scala theater. Near the theater there is a huge gallery where you can buy good clothes and shoes, and then, tired of long shopping trips, sit down to relax with a cup of coffee.

Roman streets are very similar to a maze. If you walk along some street of Rome, return only along it, otherwise be sure to get lost.

And, of course, the most special Italian city is Naples. Many probably remember the old Italian films, where the husband and wife are constantly yelling at each other, they have a bunch of children, and slops are constantly pouring from the windows of the apartments. This is Naples. And be careful on the road! Cars do not let pedestrians pass and fly like crazy and there are no traffic lights! Traffic cops (in Italian – Carboniery), unfortunately, also almost none.

If you are going to rest, it is better to abandon August. Firstly, this is the so-called “high season”. Prices at this time are an order of magnitude higher than, say, in July. Secondly, August in Italy is a “dead” season. One gets the impression that the whole country is on vacation.

Shops, pharmacies and many other institutions are closed, while the owners relax at sea resorts. By the way, this is the only place you can go even in August. Warm, gentle sea, clean, well-groomed beaches with many entertainments.

And finally, August is the month when the thermometer rolls over 40 degrees Celsius.

Nevertheless, despite such not always pleasant features, Italy is an amazing country, and you need to plunge into the atmosphere of a “purely Italian” mixture of noise and swearing, smiles and beauty at least once.

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