Ukrainian Independence Day Parade in Kiev

On August 24, Independence Day of Ukraine, on Khreshchatyk Street in Kiev, military men of foreign armies marched.

Partner armies of Ukraine walked along Khreshchatyk. Among them were military personnel from Canada, Great Britain, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Moldova, Poland and the United States of America.

August 24, Ukraine marks the 26th anniversary of Independence. On the occasion of the holiday, a large-scale parade of troops is taking place on the capital’s Khreshchatyk. It was attended by units of the Armed Forces of 11 countries of the world, of which 9 are troops of NATO countries, one country that claims to join the Alliance, and all the branches of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

“I watched the NATO boot tread on Ukrainian soil, also under the frankly Russophobic bagpipes. I was terribly sad that I didn’t at that moment see the face of any Shoigi or even the Maksim Shevchenka. Pleasure would have grown a hundredfold,” wrote Karl Volokh, a businessman from Ukraine your Facebook account.

Belarus Tactical Group

Belarusian dabraahvotniki take part in the “March of the Unconquered” in Kiev. The soldiers’ task force of Belarus “are holding portraits of the dead Alexander Cherkashin” Taras “i Vitaly Tilizhenka” cupcake “. They died for the independence of Ukraine and Belarus. Congratulations friends!
Eternal memory to the fallen heroes!

Belarus volunteer fighters take part in celebrating Ukraine’s Independence 

Belarusian volunteer fighters participated in the March of the Unbowed which took place immediately after the official military parade in the Ukrainian capital.

The Belarusians raised white-red-white flags and marched along together with soldiers and volunteers from other countries.

Ukraine celebrates the Independence Day on August 24. This is the main state holiday in present-day Ukraine since the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1991.

The stupid pro-Russian head of a scoop sticking out in Chicago does not fit how it happened: Ukraine is a FACT ?! And “independence” in a shovel-it is to scare everyone, to live in shit and poverty themselves, and then to dare to suck a boobs from the damned Americans and still bark at them.

NATO soldiers in Kiev is a brilliant move! The Rashists are humiliated and understand that Ukraine is lost to them forever. Sevastopol propagandists reprinted the Russian cotton analyst, fighting in hysterics:

“Ukraine celebrates the 26th anniversary of independence with a parade of US troops on Khreshchatyk and the shock construction of a NATO base near Odessa. But 3 years ago, every iron shouted about its decay. But nothing happens. Politicians and citizens of the Russian Federation, who agreed to the amputation of Ukraine, it is time to realize the price of such a choice. He puts an end to the entire previous history of Russia. Ukraine is not Estonia and Tajikistan. Ukraine, even if someone does not realize this, is part of historical Russia — moreover, its “heartland”, the place where the Russian land came from. This is the day when the “mother of Russian cities” suddenly found herself abroad, becoming the capital of a foreign and increasingly hostile state every year. “Former Ukraine” is surprisingly stubborn in the implementation of the Minsk agreements – although from the very beginning it was clear that the DPR and LPR on Russian terms needed Kiev in its composition like a hare’s fifth leg. The “Norman” process has become a kind of trap not for Ukraine at all, but for Russia. “Separate areas”, which were supposed to be a headache and burden of Ukraine, in practice supplemented, albeit behind the scenes, a long list of subsidized regions of the Russian Federation. And there is no way out of this stalemate.”

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