Europe celebrates Foreign Languages Day

He was born in 2001, when UNESCO proclaimed the 21st century a century of polyglots. The motto “We study foreign languages throughout life!” Sounded throughout the world.

This year’s celebration took place on September 26 in Paris, at one of the Sorbonne’s oldest European universities. The amphitheater gathered the leadership of the European Union, translators, journalists and teachers of foreign languages.

“We in the European Commission advocate, for example, for subtitles, and not for translating films into other languages. We believe that this is very important from the point of view of cultural exchange, ”explained European Commissioner for Multilingualism Leonard Orban.

“Voice-over and subtitles – enable the work to exist in another language, but they are subordinate to the cultural characteristics of this country. For example, in Poland, duplication is more common than translation or subtitles, ”says Francois Katala, a communications specialist.

Among the main directions of the EU language policy: support for translation activities. There are 23 official languages ​​in the EU; and some national literature is not known to the general reader due to lack of translation. It is also necessary to know foreign languages ​​for political reasons, as the EU immigration strategy shows.

Future EU citizens should be polyglot. For them, entertainment and information events took place on the streets of Paris:

“We visited Paris, some of its squares, in the name of which there are foreign words,” the Paris lyceum student, the future polyglot, shares her impressions.

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