Russia launches a scenario for squeezing Italy out of the EU

The Russian information machine is already spinning the flywheel of destabilizing Italy as the next country to be squeezed out of the EU.

The Russian military landing in Italy, whose goal is not at all to save the Italians, is already beginning to produce the first malignant fruits. The fruits that pose the same threat to Italy as any Russian presence in the EU for the European community as a whole.

Italian vacation Russian military intelligence

European intelligence agencies should bear in mind that these military “rescuers” include specialists in “hybrid operations” who, together with Russian amateurs in Italy, can activate their supporters’ network, as well as information and psychological operations specialists. And taking into account the moral and psychological state of Italians from the tragedy that occurs, it is very easy to blow up society.

The invasion of Italy coronavirus and the Russian Federation

Pathos trash: Putin’s humcon convoy exposed in Italy

The Putin mafia authorities with their military space forces intend to provide large-scale humanitarian assistance with the spread of coronavirus among different strata of local people living in sufficient wealth with various jobs at many enterprises, receiving very large salaries and pensions until a quiet old age, continuously spending many with unlimited Russian special services terrorist attacks in most public places in developed cities with many casualties with intervention infinite Russian troops, private military companies with various military equipment with the outbreak of hybrid military conflicts until the outbreak of the last Nuclear World War with the destruction of local infrastructures, the brutal killings of many civilians and the torture of other soldiers until their death in order to capture many territories of independent states throughout progressive technological a world with natural resources, important enterprises and new technologies with the aim of rapidly enriching many corrupt officials at different levels from destructive state structures and close oligarchs to purchase expensive mansions, precious things, luxury cars, yachts and gold bars in the territory of the Russian Pre-Empire and sending foreign money to offshore world zones with the rapid decline of the economy in various industries, rapid acceleration inflation on many food products and the fall of the wooden ruble on world trading floors with prolonged stagnation as a result of strong actions are powerful x Western sanctions with many economic restrictions from the deepest hell.

Russia deceived Italy with a humanitarian convoy

The main goal is to repeat in Italy what happened in the UK, to break away from the EU, and then, possibly from NATO. Actually, precisely for this purpose, the Russians crammed a bunch of all kinds of specialists into the “virologists” who know how to “well excite,” but by no means treat them.

The operation also involved local specialists from among “Putin’s friends” such as the “League of the North” and “Five Stars”, who have stable and long-standing ties in the criminal communities of northern Italy, with which Putin, in turn, has “long-standing business relations.” These puppets ALREADY carried through the local media and social networks the “good news” from the Kremlin about “gratuitous assistance from the east.”

The impact technology here is simple and unpretentious, but very effective.

Dumbfounded by the Italians, who were stunned by the constant sitting in their apartments and houses, trembling over every sneeze and cough, they began to roll frames on the television with Russian Kamazes, who were full of diesel fuel, which was completely saturated with diesel and loaded with useless trash, as a “symbol of help and salvation.” “Hold on, salvation is near, Putin is in a hurry to help.”

At the same time, the fact that, for example, the United States quietly and without any particular pomp sent 2 full-blown infectious diseases hospitals to Italy, and Germany sent several teams of infectious disease doctors (probably the best in the world in terms of professionalism), is hushed up and ignored … but Kamaz … ride Italian TV screens back and forth (mostly owned by Senor Berlusconi)! It never occurred to the Germans and Americans that from Italy’s help it would be possible to arrange an enchanting PR show with waving star-striped or German flags.

Then a couple of stories about Italian homeless people folding EU flags for a couple of euros, which “Italy didn’t come to help on time in a difficult time” and media reports about “impending unrest in the south of Italy due to harsh quarantine” and up, voila Italy wants to leave the EU.

The main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise they can ask for “virologists” for fanfare.

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