Hungary began construction of a fence on the border with Serbia

Hungary began construction of the first fence on the southern border with Serbia to stop an unprecedented flow of migrants. This was reported by the government.

The military began to erect a wall in the vicinity of the village of Mórahalom, where bulldozers and other heavy equipment began construction. The total length of the border between Serbia and Hungary is 175 kilometers.

A joint statement by the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense states that an average of 1,000 illegal border violators arrive in Hungary daily. “In this regard, illegal immigration has become a serious problem and its control is a critical task,” the statement said.

Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said that Hungary will build a fence, but noted that this is a temporary measure.

Foreign Minister Pyotr Siryato said earlier that a four-meter-high fence will be built in eight or ten regions of the country most affected by the influx of illegal immigrants.

About 80,000 illegal immigrants and refugees made their way to Hungary during this year. About 80% of them are from war-torn countries, such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most of them seek asylum, but quickly move to other, richer countries in the European Union, such as Germany and Sweden, before their asylum requests are granted.

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