European Union or Caliphate?

According to the data provided at the PACE session in the report “European Muslim Communities in the Face of Extremism”, the share of immigrants from Islamic countries in the European Union by 2050 may amount to one third or even half of the EU population.

One of the main aspects of the report was a statement of the fact that the attacks of recent years clearly indicate the presence in Europe of a kind of “fifth column”, a terrorist underground, which is by no means foreigners, but people born and raised on the continent and having citizenship of EU countries.

The authors of the document are to blame for this, national governments “creating the ground for extremism”, and numerous radical Islamic organizations that operate freely in Europe.

The representative of Britain, Michael Hancock, argued that all the evil lies in the community cohesion and solidarity of Muslims, whom “any imam imported from abroad can set up whatever they like.” He was supported by Lithuanian MP Egidijus Vareikis, who stated that most Muslims are not at all inclined to become Europeans.

In response, Turkish parliamentarians said that Europeans themselves provoked radicalism by “caricature scandals” and Islamophobia, a lack of understanding of Muslims and disrespect for their values.

The speakers, as a solution to the problem, suggested combating Islamophobia, controlling the financing of Islamic organizations from abroad, training Muslim clergy in Europe, as well as the cultural assimilation of Muslims, by involving them in public life (And what kind of life do they live in their communities? we are talking about involving them in the work of the Green Party and centers for protecting the rights of sexual minorities) and the formation of a “secular Islamic” intelligentsia.

Representatives of Germany and France proposed the idea of ​​forming a “Mediterranean Union”, which, according to one of the authors of the project, Nicolas Sarkozy, will become a panacea, including from the influx of Muslim migrants. They supposedly will be able to remain in their countries, to which the EU will provide financial assistance, and in the future, perhaps, will invite to join the European Union. However, many participants in the PACE session stated that if it succeeds in reviving the Roman Empire, it will be an empire of times of decline.

The data on the number of Muslims living in European countries today speak for themselves. So, in Belgium, Muslims make up 4% of the population (718 thousand people); in France, the number of Muslims (lower limit) is more than 4 million, to which in recent years 40,000 French converts to Islam have been added; 700 thousand Muslims (5%) live in the Netherlands; in Great Britain, there are 1.5 million Muslims, as well as 10 thousand native converts to Islam; in Austria, Muslims make up 4.2% of the population; in Germany, 3.3 million Muslims and about 100 thousand who converted to Islam; about a million Muslims live in Italy, at least 700 thousand of them are in Switzerland, almost half a million in Sweden and Spain.

As can be seen from the above figures, the number of European Muslims is growing not only due to migratory influx or a high birth rate, but also due to converts – ethnic Germans, French, British and other Europeans who converted to Islam. The number of renegades on the continent is already approaching a million. It seems that until the final implementation of the gloomy dystopia described by Elena Chudinova in her sensational book “Notre Dame Mosque” is a stone’s throw. It is noteworthy that at the moment the writer is threatened for her position. Here is what she reports about it:

“After my debate with the leader of the Eurasian Youth Union (ECM) P. Zarifulin took place on March 28 at the Eurasian club RedFox, I receive direct threats to my email address.
The topic of the debate was not too difficult to guess: is Russia facing an Islamic threat? The distribution of positions was even easier to guess: I see such a threat, the Eurasians – not in the least.
The atmosphere in the club itself was depressing and tense. In a small stuffy room, people with a marginal appearance and manners immediately attracted my attention. There were about half of all those gathered. But I was ready for something like that. Actually, I agreed to the debate because I wanted to see with my own eyes what exactly stands behind Dugin. But I still did not expect direct threats. Particularly impressive is the fact that the text of these messages is written in the dirtiest sub-obscene language. Am I going to sue? I’ll see. In my computer, in any case, all this is saved, although it is very disgusting to keep it. But material evidence is material evidence. I think that the person who sends these messages will hide before the court a corresponding certificate. However, he does not even hide his name and is an official in this ECM.
Am I scared of these pea jesters? No, I am not afraid. But if, however, something happens to me, I advise you to pay attention to the activities of this organization. ”

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