Yaroslavl awarded the Honorary Badge of the Council of Europe

Yaroslavl was awarded the Council of Europe Badge of Honor. The city became the only one in Russia who was awarded such a high award.

4 years ago, the flag, now a badge, and soon also a special award – for the millennium, Yaroslavl will collect all possible trophies of the Council of Europe. All these awards are awarded only to the most friendly and diplomatic cities. We have seven foreign twin cities and big plans for future communications. “The most vivid impression we had was from the city, from its people. The snow surprised. In Hanau, we have not seen this for a long time. Everything is impressive,” said Torstem Becker, deputy chairman of the German friendship society Hanau-Yaroslavl.

Today, Yaroslavl heard a lot of flattering words from representatives of the Council of Europe. According to them, the city has a special atmosphere of hospitality. With this approach to international relations, “all flags will be with us.” “Fame grows during the preparation for the millennium. For the city, this is a great image addition to the period of this preparation,” said Viktor Volonchunas, mayor of Yaroslavl.

We have been seeking this badge of honor for four years. But even after his award, he had to fight for it with the local customs. Controllers mistook brass for precious metal. “I had to make a request to the Council of Europe and then look for experts who would confirm that there are no precious metals here,” said Valery Velichko, First Deputy Mayor of Yaroslavl.

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