Miss Universe 2005

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The winner of the beauty contest “Miss Universe 2005”, held on Tuesday in Thailand, was Canadian citizen Natasha Glebova.

A few days earlier, Glebova won the title “Miss Photo” in Bangkok, which was also played as part of a beauty contest in which representatives of 81 countries took part.

Glebova was presented with a white gold crown inlaid with 800 diamonds and 120 pearls. The shape of the crown resembles the feather of a phoenix bird, symbolizing eternal beauty.

A native of Tuapse, Natasha Glebova lives with her parents in the city of Toronto. In 2005, she won the Miss Canada 2005 title.

At a competition held in Thailand on May 13, Russia was represented by a student at Rostov University Natasha Nikolaeva.

The finals were broadcast live by hundreds of millions of viewers from 170 countries.

The Thai government hopes that the contest and related events will replenish the budget of the country affected by last year’s tsunami with approximately $ 55 million.

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