Blondes are out of fashion

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In Belarus they are again looking for the most beautiful girl – from January 9 auditions will begin on the contest “Miss Belarus 2008”. Interestingly, the title of the country’s main beauty in recent years has been given exclusively to blondes. In 2002, the crown adorned Olga’s bright head.

At the contest “Miss Minsk 2007” the red-haired Vasilisa Rymzha won.

Brunette Julia Sindeeva is lucky at international competitions. In 2006, Julia became “Vice-Miss Belarus.” In the fall of that year, she took fourth place in the Miss Europe contest, and in 2007.

In January, Daria Aniskova will appear in New York on the podium of the “Supermodel of the World” contest.

“The Slavic type of beauty is now in demand,” said Sergei Nagorny, director of the Fashion Studio. “But often our fair-haired girls lighten their hair, and we return them to their natural color.” Although when choosing a model, this is not a decisive factor. Important face. In a year, one or two new faces appear, and then “clones” are selected under them.

As soon as the jury begins to argue which of the girls to give the crown, someone will definitely say: what is the name of our country? Belarus is blue-eyed! So, the winner should have blue eyes and blond hair – after all, this is the Belarusian type of beauty! This argument is difficult to interrupt with something, – says the director of the National School of Beauty Olga SEREZHNIKOVA. Whether the tradition continues is a big question. Indeed, at international beauty contests, brunettes are increasingly winning.

“At beauty contests, the determining opinion is the opinion of the owner of the contest,” says Olga Serezhnikova. – And the owners of international beauty contests are private individuals. For example, the Miss World contest has been held by the Morley family for several decades, and the owner of the Miss Universe contest, Donald Trump. They have developed their own tastes, and brunettes often win at these contests. But the contest “Miss Europe” passes from hand to hand, and, for example, when its owners were Lebanese, they chose blondes.

This was confirmed by the results of the beauty contest “Miss Russia 2007”

The most beautiful girl in the country was 20-year-old student from Tyumen Ksenia Sukhinova. The title of first vice-miss went to Simonna Levenok from Krasnodar, the second vice-miss was named Vera Krasova from Moscow.

What is characteristic, among these young ladies there are no blondes. The beauty who took the “gold” is the brown-haired woman, the “silver” and “bronze” won the burning brunettes.

The results of “Miss Russia 2007” once again confirmed the global trend – blondes are losing ground. And last year’s Miss Russia title holder blonde Tatyana Kotova is just an exception, confirming the general rule. A year ago, Tatyana was the only girl with blond hair, noted by the jury. The seven other winners were brunettes.

Ksenia SUKHINOVA. Born on August 26, 1987. Height – 178 cm. Body parameters: 83 – 60 – 91. Eye color – blue. Studying as an engineer in the fourth year of the Oil and Gas University. In 2005, she took second place at the Miss Neftegaz contest held in Tyumen. Then she won the Miss Image 2005 contest. Worked this year in Milan at the Fashion Week shows.

Asians are advancing on all fronts

The situation in the Russian “beauty market” only reflects what is happening around the world. Scandinavians reigning supreme in the 70s, holding the market in the 80s Slavs, regularly rising to the top in the 90s Europeans – today they are all far from a leading position. Gradually weakening fashion for blondes is living out its last days. Asia, Latin America and even Africa are more confidently taking matters into their own hands.

Judge for yourself: the title of “Miss World 2007” went to Chinese woman Zhang Zi Lin. The second place was taken by the representative of Angola, the third – a girl from Mexico. Naturally, all three leaders have blacker hair than the southern night. Blonde from Russia Tatyana Kotova at this contest did not make her way even into the top ten.

A practically similar situation has developed at another world beauty forum – the Miss Universe 2007 contest. There, the crown went to the Japanese Riyo Mori. The second turned out to be “Miss Brazil”, the third – a representative of South Korea. All are brunettes! And here, Kotova, representing Russia, was also left without awards.

Psychologist Maria KAMSKAYA:

– The stereotype of “men prefer blondes” was born from the fact that blond girls immediately attract attention in the crowd. Men look at them purely reflexively, but they fall in love with redheads, brunettes, and a brown-haired woman.

Another stereotype – “blondes look sexy” – is associated with the fact that other types of women have more specific labels imposed. For example, most men agree that the epithet “passionate” is suitable for brunettes, and “fatal” for redheads. Blondes got the most vague epithet.

But the fact that depending on the change in hair color can change a woman’s self-esteem and her attitude to the world around her is a fact. When ladies repaint in a blonde, their self-esteem and behavior change very much. They feel more confident.

The last blonde to die in two hundred years in Helsinki

Some scientists have come to the conclusion that soon there will be no natural blondes on Earth. German researchers estimate that the last natural blonde will be born around 2200 in Finland. Already, the number of fair-haired people has decreased from 49% to 14% due to genetic laws (the dark hair and eye gene dominates and suppresses the light gene) and social (more and more interracial marriages leading to the destruction of light hair). In addition, the main carriers of blondness – Europeans – are limited, as a rule, to one child in the family. And this is another way to finally “remain in the minority”. So today, blondes should be treated as a scientific rarity.

The first Miss Russia contest took place in 1929 … in Paris. Due to the fact that in Moscow at that time there was, to put it mildly, not up to beauty contests, the elections were held by Russian emigrants. After a couple of scandals, the 16-year-old dark-haired Irina Levitskaya was declared the first beauty. Refusing the offers of film studios, subsequently she still posed for photographers in bold outfits.

It is curious that two years later Miss Russia became the 19-year-old daughter of singer Fedor Chaliapin Marina, who performed at the Grand Opera in Paris.

And the first beauty contest “Moscow Beauty” in the USSR was held in 1988. The fate of the winner, Masha Kalinina, was successful: she worked as a model in Germany, now lives in Los Angeles.

Even Bond turned away from the blond!

Literally on the eve of the finals of the Miss Russia 2007 contest, the legendary agent 007 also made his choice. The conservative Englishman has long stopped looking at blondes. So in the new film (which will be released in 2008), Bond’s girlfriend will be a brunette, 22-year-old actress Gemma Arterton. She will replace another dark-haired grace in a responsible post – Eva Green, who starred together in Daniel Craig in the Casino Royale.

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