Carnival Europe

Inters Company is preparing an exclusive European program for carnival lovers. Choosing the route “Europe Carnival”, the tourist finds himself in a colorful celebration in Cologne, a magnificent celebration in Nice and the most impressive costume parade in Venice. The first day of the Rhineland Carnival in Germany is dedicated to women, they are allowed any pranks. Enchanting processions take place on the streets of Cologne, various performances are held on open areas. The city has a noisy cheerful atmosphere.

The Venice Carnival is considered the most beautiful in Europe. In the main square – St. Mark’s – couples, dressed in costumes of the Middle Ages, decently walk. On the last day of the carnival, a contest for the best costume is held, after which a long motley ribbon, consisting of all participants in the masquerade, sets off on the streets of the city. Every year, thousands of tourists come to Venice to watch this unforgettable sight.

The carnival trip will last 13 days and includes a visit to Berlin, Cologne, Paris, Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Venice and Munich. The program includes sightseeing tours of cities and acquaintance with the main attractions. Optionally, you can choose a route with a visit to only the Rhineland or only the Venice Carnival. Departures February 15 and 20, 2006.

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