5 russian tourists beaten in Croatia because of their boorish behavior

In the Croatian town of Premantura, five Russian tourists were seriously beaten, who parked their SUVs in the middle of the street and went carefree to lunch at a local restaurant.

More than once they politely made comments, to which the Russian guests were cheated in response. After that, the assembled group of local residents brutally beat the rude Russian guests, so much so that they had to be hospitalized in a local hospital.

After this incident, the angry Croats went to the hotel, demanding to immediately evict the Russian boors away. The owner of the institution had to fulfill the requirements of people.

Due to the aggressive policy of Russia in Ukraine and in the whole world, the attitude towards Russians has become more than negative, and in some countries many people even look for an excuse to fight with russo turisto.

Recently, for example, in Croatia, the most popular graffiti on walls and fences has become the expression: “Dragi Ruski gosti – cuvajte svoje kosti!”, Which translates into Russian as: “Dear Russian guests, take care of your bones!”

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