Sex with a foreigner

What is he … sex with a foreigner?

Hard porn, sex with handcuffs and a threesome. You can’t learn a lot about this. But some advice will come to the court of girls traveling abroad. Which, in general, is not bad.

Returning from vacation, you find your heart broken. Who is he? Japanese, Italian or English? How did he manage to charm you and how to seduce you? We reveal sexual secrets of different nationalities.

Sex with a foreigner: where the sex giants live

Sex with a foreigner can be completely different from the usual. The fact is that representatives of different countries have their own sexual traditions, owl behavior in bed. For these reasons sex with a foreigner can be very curious.

Extreme French

All over the world, the French are considered the most romantic men. However, sex with a foreigner in this case may well be extreme. Sociologists after a series of surveys concluded that the French prefer sex in public places. Sex with a Frenchman is not bad in itself, and in places where you can be noticed is doubly good. The thing is that a double dose of adrenaline is produced. This helps to achieve the most vivid orgasm. But this does not mean that the French are so extreme that they have sex exclusively in public places. The most important thing for representatives of this nation is that there is diversity in sexual relations. Therefore, they experiment in different environments, in different corners of the apartment, in the car, on vacation. If sex occurs exclusively in the bedroom, the Frenchman is quickly bored.

He observes the fine line between sophistication and perversion. He will sweetly torture you in bed and gently care for her beyond. On vacation, you are a star, a fairy and a swan princess. Maybe in the end you will become slightly annoyed by his manner of using barb nippers in public places. But in general – everything will be magical. But these nippers.

Prospects of marriage: If you are ready to put up with a touch of narcissism, the path is open. He will easily make you an offer. However, just as easily can get divorced in three months. If you do not do it first.

Swedish frankness

Swedes are liberally enough liberally. During the polls, most of them admitted that they like to share their sexual fantasies with partners and masturbate in their presence. According to the Swedes, masturbation with a partner is a reliable way to show him exactly what you want in sex, which caresses give the most pleasure. Thus, sex with a foreigner in this case will be the most frank.

Spanish bedroom

The Spaniards pay a lot of attention to the bedroom and the events taking place in it. The design of the bedroom is very important for representatives of this nationality. In fact, the way the main room in the house is framed directly affects the quality of sex. If the couple quarrels often, it is recommended to add white and green colors to the interior of the bedroom. If the passion began to fade, orange elements, bedding of a golden hue will come to the rescue. Purple and scarlet colors will add aggression to sex.

In romantic relationships, they are often compared with Italians, which is fundamentally wrong. They do not like long introductions. So, if you met in the morning, then by lunch you will already be in bed. Or not in bed, which is not so important for him. With him you will try sex on the beach, in the alley and in the fitting rooms of local boutiques. And at the same time – you will get acquainted with non-tourist Spain.

Prospects for marriage: Remember, if he did not invite you home, but dragged you to the above places, it is not a fact that he has this house at all. So, first, ask everything as it should, and then want to get married.

Italian video

Italians love to shoot their love games on video. Moreover, from their point of view, sex from this is only getting better. Italians imagine themselves as movie stars, when in the room, in addition to lovers, there is someone else who carefully watches everything that happens. Such sex is somewhat akin to exhibitionism, writes The feeling that they are spying on lovers excites and adds adrenaline. Here, the main thing after breaking up is to pick up a recording disc from a partner in order to avoid future troubles.

First, he tortures you with the seducer’s classic repertoire. A burning look for a burning dinner is a must. If it comes to serenades under the window, keep in mind that the “opening” period can go on for a long time. Therefore, take matters into your own hands, especially since you will not have to regret later – he is passionate not only in courtship, but also in bed. In the morning you wake up with a hickey on your neck, but are quite happy with the night spent with him. Only, alas, then do not expect attention from him. Moor has already done his job. That is, he came, saw and won.

Prospects for marriage: If you manage to fall in love with yourself – it’s half the battle. You need to fall in love with his mother, father, close and distant relatives and pets. If you can – yours has taken.

Toys for adults in German

Germans like to use in-bed products purchased in sex shops. In the German bedroom you can easily find vibrators, handcuffs and many other toys for adults. Only abuse such items and is not recommended. Sexologists say that if they are regularly used, it is subsequently difficult to enjoy regular sex.

In everyday life, he is of high charm, the purest sample. And in sex, everything will be fast and high quality. Note, every time – quickly and efficiently. It is possible that after five or seven nights together, you will forget that you are making love and you will begin to mentally try on yourself a “rabbit skin”. In addition, he is not romantic, but sentimental. That is, after quick and high-quality sex, she can cry like a child. And then you will understand that you fell in love.

Prospects for marriage: High opportunity. Your task is to learn how to cook grilled sausages well and gain five kilograms.

Prelude in Dutch

The Dutch love to take a shower or bath together. Scientists believe that it strengthens the sex life. A shower or bath helps to relax and release the hormone gonadotropin, which is responsible for the occurrence of sexual desire. It is not necessary to have sex right in the bathroom, but for prelude this is the most suitable moment.

English classic

Pretty traditional sex awaits you: boys from above, girls from below. Man – full of dignity. You are also quite happy with his dignity, but … Somehow boring. And does not reach the “riot of colors” that you expected. But when almost everything was over, and you began to think regretfully about tomorrow’s hangover, a strict English Maine reveals a small and pretty sexual deviation. For example, he likes to try on women’s panties. Or he really enjoys having sex with Gone With the Wind.

Prospects for marriage: There are prospects. But you need to do two important things for this. Stop telling jokes with the words “oatmeal, sir!” And … buy more thongs for the future spouse.

Mysterious Russian soul

Gentle and passionate, romantic and courageous. He likes to arrange pleasant surprises and give gifts. Do not care and lazy. In bed, he thinks only of his pleasure and instantly falls asleep after sex. Yes, do not be surprised. In a compatriot there is both. And compatriots are both. And all of her is a mysterious Russian soul.

Prospects for marriage: Do you look like Angelina Jolie, are you able to charm his mother – all this does not matter. The main thing is the soul. Yes, and, of course, you should be able to bake delicious pies, have a past top models and … and still mom like it!

American boy, leave with you

It will be beautiful, stylish and masculine. You are especially lucky if the guy is from the Hollywood area, who walk around living examples of correct behavior in sex. You close your eyes and understand: he behaves like Johnny Depp, but Brad Pitt has gone. Oh, and here is Bruce Willis in his youth! And now Bruce Willis is older. Who’s that? Is Sharon Stone ?! When you get tired of having sex with celebrities, the question will pop up: was there actually a boy?

Prospects for marriage: Watch a movie, do it like: Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightley and Kim Basinger. The list is supplemented and modified. Then maybe you will marry him. And you will not have life, but a solid cinema.

Chinese sex

The Chinese love to use lubricants during sex. They use them not only when lubrication is necessary when the vagina is dry. Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of lubricants for a variety of intimate relationships. So, there are drugs that increase the sensitivity of the genitals. And to prolong the pleasure, special ointments are used – prolongators, which help to delay the orgasm.

Japanese characters

You got a tangle of contradictions: he does not like when you undress completely, but at the same time, he is wildly excited by what’s under your panties. The obligatory program will be executed by him perfectly, as in a parade. However, perhaps you will experience some lack of foreplay. Do not start to cry sobbing. It’s not because he doesn’t like you. He’s just not used to showing his feelings.

Prospects for marriage: Why not, quite – yes! Only you need to unlearn how to talk. At all. Firstly, the Japanese themselves do not chatter. Secondly, your opinion will not interest anyone. In general, this will require years of serious work on yourself. Are you ready?

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