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In France sex replaces rent

France is currently experiencing its worst housing crisis since the 1940s of the last century.

This leads to the fact that on some real estate websites advertisements are placed with the words contre services – which means providing a room in the apartment in exchange for certain services. Sometimes these services can be quite harmless – such as cleaning an apartment or doing laundry – but often requests are sexual and humiliating.

According to Ondine Millau, a reporter for the French Liberation publication, who studied such ads for six months and the people behind them, some of them say: “Sex twice a month” or “It takes a person who is open-minded and agrees to everything.” “Most of the advertisements that did not indicate the cost of rent were written by men seeking sex in exchange for housing,” said the journalist.

Recently, a book “My dear study” by a certain Laura D. was published in the country, which describes the misadventures of a naive 19-year-old student forced to sell her body in order to pay the rent. According to the author of this autobiography, “rent was 70% of my budget.”

Poor people and young people suffer the most from high rents in France.

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