New EU cohesion policy priorities

Environmental protection, jobs, and innovation are the main priorities of the so-called “policy of rapprochement” of the European Union for the next six years. EU activities are aimed at narrowing the gap in economic and social development between European regions. The total budget for this period will exceed 347 billion euros, Brussels said. Funds from European funds will be distributed as follows: 105 billion euros will go to the environment, 86 billion will go to research and innovation, almost equally – 27 and 26 billion euros will receive programs to support small and medium-sized businesses and educational projects, another 19 Billion are allocated to increase employment, 10 billion to fight poverty.

What specific projects will be financed from EU funds? An example was cited by EU Commissioner for Employment Vladimir Shpidla: “In Wales, there is a program to help single women with children who find it difficult to get into the labor market. 30% of women covered by the program have the opportunity to find a permanent job.”

According to the data voiced by Vladimir Shpidla, thanks to the support of the European Union, every ninth European is employed. Economic incentives for European regions are part of the key document for the EU – the Lisbon Strategy. Its goal is to increase the competitiveness of the European economy.

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